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Low level deck

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Low level deck


I am building a low level deck and I’m restricted with height.


I’m using 140x45 H3 treated pine bearers.


I put my posts in at 1.8mt spacings. The deck is 7m x3.6m with flush joists and centre bearer. Now I’m not sure if my stumps are too far apart for that size timber.


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Re: Low level Deck

Hi @Adam_W yep have smaller 10 g

screws and a series of batten screws through them plus liquid nails.

I ended up putting two extra stirrups in on each bearer. Could get flush up against the slab as there’s a pip running near.

I’m a fair way into the joist now and seems very solid. Not getting any movement.

do you think it’s worth adding a row of blocking down each joist span?

Also what size screws and spacing would you recommend for 140x19mm merbau 


on the end bearer with the half stirrups

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Low level Deck

Hi @Harv,


Hope you are staying safe and well.


Do you have any pictures of the finished deck that you could share with the Bunnings Workshop community? Your project has been extremely popular with members and visitors to the site so it would be great if you could post the end result. 


Feel free to post anytime you need a hand with anything around the house and garden. 


Many thanks,




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Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Low level Deck

Hi @Harv,


It's best to check span tables from the timber supplier to ascertain the maximum span. Here's one of our supplier's span tables. You'll note that 140 x 45mm has a max span of 1400mm, so you are outside those limitations.


I understand it's considerably more work, but I'd recommend you add a post between the existing ones. You'll then end up with a super-strong deck.


Please let me know if you have any questions.





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