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Mackas Planter Boxes

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Mackas Planter Boxes

This is just an update from the post "Thanks Bunnings Trade Desk"


Well we got a heap of treated pine fence Pailings 2.1 X .15 X 12mm

Also some treated pine 70 X 35 for framing.


We got all this at Bunnings Traralgon.


This was a simple build which you will see from the pictures.


This is the large model but not the deluxe.














Becoming a Leader

Re: Mackas Planter Boxes

Never too early to start.  AS long as they are taught to use the PPE at the same time...


Great stuff.

Re: Mackas Planter Boxes👍😉

Well here's my thumbs up...   for that cute little wink..2019-11-25 23.24.15.jpg

Re: Mackas Planter Boxes👍😉



Macka says thank you very much for his picture you posted. He is loving the support as much as he loves building things.


And yes he has a signature wink that he is well known for even before he was talking he learnt to wink 😂😂


We love him to bits.


Take care and all the best


Kind regards Rob 👍😁 and Macka 😉

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Re: Mackas Planter Boxes

Hi @gippslandhome ,

The end product looks awesome!

Keen to know, how are these pailings holding up with the water and soil fill? I was contemplating using the 12mm tongue and groove pine pailings from Bunnings, but then after having a chat with Bunnings store staff (who mentioned that 25mm might be longer lasting), ended up going for 25mm treated pine to make my Elevated planter box. It turned out good, but is damn heavy! 

Would be great if you could share your experience.



Re: Mackas Planter Boxes

You have a very good point to make @desaiadi  - I personally wouldn't use pine lining board for garden planters, beds, boxes or the like for the same reason.  I think you have done the right thing getting treated outdoor timber.  Good luck with your project...

I would only use the pine lining board out side if it was painted and sealed prior to taking it out side and filling it with dirt or water.  More so because of our climate.  It gets so super hot and then the extreme cold in Winter.  Whereas in other climates it would work out perfectly well.


Old gal 

Re: Mackas Planter Boxes

Hello at @desaiadi 


we have made over 100 boxes and have had no issues at all.


We put braces and cross members for strength.


we are going to do a picture demostration step by step for whole community

Re: Mackas Planter Boxes👍😉

good on him! Never to young to learn skills, methods, and the proper safe handling and behaviour around tools and worksites. 


And beautiful boxes too.. i love how you have made use of the seemingly 'too thin' material with a few braces and framed the right way and have a perfectly viable planter. What kind of lifetime do they have?

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