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Mid-project deck update and advice

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Mid-project deck update and advice

Hi all,


I’m half way through my backyard deck project and pretty happy with how it is turned out so far. As with all DIY projects have learnt a tonne along the way.


Frame is all done, including a full length step down to the (soon to be replaced) lawn. I'm sure there are some bits and pieces that aren't completely "best practice" - and happy to hear from anyone on what you think could've been done better. Just the decking, edging and oiling to go! And possibly some lighting, but we'll see once it's done.


I’ve ordered my decking (spotted gum), but I’m keen to get some advice from someone who has done this before, to make sure there’s nothing I can do before putting the decking down to make my life easier.


As you can see in photos below, the bearers and joists are in single layer rather than the traditional joists on bearers. That was due to the low deck height. The step is essentially a mini deck itself, held up by h4 legs embedded in concrete to hold it in place, and some of the plastic adjustable deck footings on pavers at the back. Everything is level (to my great surprise).








I’m concerned that despite my best efforts, some of the joints between the joists and bearers aren’t flush. I’m hoping that it will all even out across the decking boards, but worried that may not be the case. The boards run parrallel to the bearers, so particularly worried about the decking board that will run along/next to the bearers.


Close up of what I'm talking about here:


My thinking is that it's only about 3 or 4 or the joints that aren't exactly flush, so I'll simply lay out the decking so that there aren't any butt joints over the low joists. I'm then planning on making sure the top of the boards are flush, squeezing a blob of no more gaps under the decking to fill any gap and then coming back once it's dry to screw down the deck boards without creating any unevenness in the surface level.


I'm hoping it's all even without the need for the gap filler solution, but happy to hear any other solutions or advice!!





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Re: Mid-project deck update and advice

@BIM_Engineer might be able to help you with this one.

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Re: Mid-project deck update and advice

If you haven't added a Power Planer  to your kit now's probably a good time

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Community Manager

Re: Mid-project deck update and advice

Let me tag @Adam_W on this one as he might be able to offer some assistance when on the community today.




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Re: Mid-project deck update and advice

Oh dear... yes... been there, done that @marc_s
Diffiult to remedy once at this stage. If clear of nails then as @BIM_Engineer suggested try planing it down with a power planer.
One way I avoind these problems these days is by having a heap of one-handed bar-clamps in my kit. Hold the joint tight while you fix it off.

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