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Noisy Colorbond fence solution

Kind of a Big Deal

Noisy Colorbond fence solution

Nozzle lifts rail insert 10mm silicon.Nozzle lifts rail insert 10mm silicon.

Hi all Not every body loves their color bond  wind chimes


(Noisy fencing/gate  panels in the wind.  Worse than squeaky bed springs)


I just wanted to share how some color bond fences rattle in the wind and can be quite  loud with a bedroom next  door a simple fix is a dab of silicon between the rail and color bond panel peaks only.

Use the silicon nozzle to flex the rail  away from the sheet insert 10mm and a small dab/dot silicon is all it takes on the top and bottom rails to return peace and quite again. Not every peak on  fence needs doing but i did .

Only one side of fence  needs doing.  On really loose older fences it  maybe benificial to slde the silicon nozzle for a  small join between the  joining sheets mid way  up  but this is harder to access. But tighter the access the less it needs it.


Adding this  Silicone dab will also strengthen you fence panels against storm winds .


You can buy matching  color bond silicon I recommend that. or  clear  mostly you wont see it behind rail  but just in case some gets on wrong  bits wipe   with Turps rag asap  Or use your left over  silicon from other  jobs as it will just set soon if you dont use it all.








Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Noisy Color Bond fence Solution

What a great solution to an irritating problem, @Jewelleryrescue. I am sure any of our members experiencing a similar issue will greatly appreciate your quick fix.


Many thanks for sharing.




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