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Old Millard Caravan Renovation

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Old Millard Caravan Renovation

Hi there! I'm very new to renovating caravans as this will be my first ever project and I have a few questions 😊

What is the best and cheapest option for covering the walls and floors? (Carpet, ply, laminate, wallpaper, other, etc.)

Would it be best to rip out the current floor and restart or could I just tidy it up and put stuff over it?

How do I make OR where can I download wall and floor plans to assist me?

How do I knock out the cupboards and get rid of the couch backing without damaging the walls and floor too much? (They're bolted into the walls and floor and I can't undo the bolts)

Below I have attached some images and a rough current layout









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Community Manager

Re: Old Millard Caravan Renovation

Hi @TaraleeHoani,


Looks like a fantastic project. We are looking forward to seeing you transform the van.


Have you seen @Peggers's How to renovate a caravan series here on Workshop? I hope it gives you plenty of information and inspiration for your work.   


I will now hand over to Rob and other members like @twocutekelpies@Annette7@deborah@beckyboo and @nuggetnavi to assist you with some of your questions.


Welcome to Workshop,




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Re: Old Millard Caravan Renovation


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Re: Old Millard Caravan Renovation



For the flooring, I'd go with laminate like this -


Easy to install and hard wearing. 


From the photos it looks like your current floor isn't flat?



Re: Old Millard Caravan Renovation

Hi @TaraleeHoani
As yours is a 70s Millard, the floor was put onto the chassis then the walls built on top so not an easy task to replace the ply. If it's solid enough, lay new floor over the top due to the risk of asbestos in the original tiles.

Regarding cupboards, these play a part in the structural integrity of the van and are stapled and screwed in from outside before the cladding is put on. They can be removed with a mulitfunction tool available from Bunnings in various brands (like The Renovator that used to get advertised on telly), the blade slices through the staples with ease and goes well through the screws/nails/bolts also, it just takes a little longer.

If your caravan is going to be mobile, please consider how you're going to replace that integrity and fasten cupboards in appropriately. Some people say that with aluminium frame it isn't as important and while true, I know from my own little York that when I put my bed frame in, my walls pulled in 20mm and returned to square with the floor.

Weight is another big consideration, keep everything as light as possible, ie no flatpacks. Take note of original construction methods and follow them, I try to use the original cabinetry where I can and pull off the old 3mm ply faces and replace with new.

Also consider resealing outside before doing anything inside, nothing worse than a leak to undo all your hard work.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing your transformation :smile:


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