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On ground deck

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On ground deck

hi im a new member and am going to build an on ground patio deck 3.6mx3.2m and bting it up to door sill level i havent got much height to play with 100mm approx i an going to use 3.6 lenghts of Merabu for the deck  but i need some advice on thedeck framework  iwas just going to sit the frame on paving bricks to keep it off the ground all advice appreciated   regards   patric.

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Projects Editor

Re: on ground deck

Welcome @patric. It's fantastic to have you join the Bunnings Workshop community.


A great place to start is @Adam_W's helpful resource How to build a low-level deck. This project may also be helpful for you – Low-level deck over brick pavers by @hadi.


To kick off this discussion, let me tag @tom_builds, @JoeAzza, @MGusto, and our resident D.I.Y. expert @EricL who will be back on the site on Friday.


Look forward to seeing your deck and many more of your projects.




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