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Outdoor storage box with built-in esky

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Outdoor storage box with built-in esky

Hi Everyone,


New to the forum. Thought I would post one of my recent projects. I am fairly new to the DIY/Weekend project game, but quite proud of this one.


Inspiration for this was my cute puppy (see picture). We had gotten her a little storage basket for all of her toys (she has many) but over time she chew that to pieces. So I thought I would go up a level and build something a bit more harder for her to destroy, yet at the same time, I have also always wanted to make an outdoor esky/ mini fridge for entertaining. So lo and  behold my Outdoor storage box/esky. Another one of my inspirations was to basically start my box as a planter box design, but then incorporate a basic lid (using pine again) to make it more of a storage container. I then painted the insides using left over woodland grey paint i had, and then used decking timber to line the outside. Mainly using treated pine, structural pine decking timber, I made this as an alternative to store my puppies numerous toys, along with incorporating an outermark 60L ice box for those summer night BBQ's. Great for storage of food for the BBQ and beers on ice! My plan was to make it a height where it could also be used as a seat for guests.


I have attached some pictures. There are many areas that I would do differently, but keeping in mind one of my first projects, I am quite happy with the end result, and hey at the end of the day its all about learning new skills. 


this one.jpg


238595111_1505206756511757_8951530052073884364_n.jpg240490412_4357012871060879_4426202601128639649_n.jpg240694169_239070521330185_5511282787776924340_n.jpg240700816_276073254327641_6677231598949859992_n (1).jpg240712643_1491363147862817_1059870809445422407_n.jpg240751246_586781479127929_662265558988176484_n.jpg240873896_278573704096634_7765486616582266413_n.jpg240930235_202045511844842_6921851901838037922_n.jpg240941327_1032227784190610_5208664259154254353_n.jpg241064120_877819676164284_8654830357389720138_n.jpg241179428_325401359211084_5702853494042051955_n.jpg

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Re: Outdoor Storage box/Esky

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @nparrella95. It's sensational to have you join us, and many thanks for sharing this amazing project.


You've really done a fantastic job assembling this unit, as it is not only functional but looks fabulous at the same time. I trust it will inspire many of our members to give something similar a go.


We look forward to your next projects and would encourage you to reach out anytime you have something to share or need assistance.


It's great to have you on board, and thanks again.




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Re: Outdoor storage box with built-in esky

How goods that! Well done mate looks fantastic :smile: 

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