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Paving in backyard - DIY first-timer

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Paving in backyard - DIY first-timer

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I am laying pavers in a section (about 15 sqm) of my backyard. I have excavated about 100 mm of soil from lawn to start preparing for the site. - Please see the picture.

I am thinking to add a layer of crushed rock compacted to 40mm-50mm and then another layer of paving sand (about 20mm) before I lay down pavers which are 40mm thick. Is it a good enough base or should I do more. There is no tree around and it will be mainly foot traffic.

Another concern - Though, I will ensure that have slope away from foundation of building but during a heavy rain can water seep into the pavers and may create the problem?

I have clay soil underneath. Some people lay down a geo-fabric under the crushed rock. Is it a good idea?

Please see the picture of site, if the water seeps into the paver then it will not have any drainage other than go into the ground naturally. however if water can flow through the surface of pavers then I think it is not an issue.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Paving in backyard - DIY first-timer

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @akajain. It's terrific to have you join us and many thanks for your questions.


What you have described for the base is good enough. You should find this step-by-step tutorial helpful: How to lay paving for a path by @Adam_W. Within the article, he recommends a very similar base layer. Geo-fabric is not normally necessary, however, since you have a clay-based soil you might wish to do so. Over time with heavy rain, the clay soil can migrate into your crushed rock layer and fill it up. The fabric stops this from occurring.


I think you'll find most rainwater will seep between the pavers where they join each other. In heavy downpours, the water will run off the pavers in the direction of which you have sloped them.


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Please let me know if you need further information or had any questions.




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