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Pirate-themed treehouse

Growing in Experience

Pirate-themed treehouse

The kids never asked for a tree house - but I decided to build them one anyway (perhaps that says more about me than them!)

Crafted mostly from an old pergola, sourced from a demolished house, the platform sits on a frame that avoids the need to dig post holes that would have impacted the tree's critical root zone. The fort sits within a Lemon Scented Gum which fills the air with a zesty smell when it rains. The structure includes a weather tight cubby, slide, rope ladder, gas lift trap door and pirate flag (obviously). Yaaaaarh!





  • Recycled pergola timbers - main frame
  • Recycled spotted gum boards - decking and some balustrade
  • Treated pine (various sizes) for floor joists and cubby frame

  • Treated pine fence paling for cubby cladding


  • Joist hangers


  • M12 and M10 Cup head bolts - stainless steel or galvanised


  • Treated pine screws


  • Site sourced branches for balustrade 
  • Climbing holds


  • Ships bell


  • Telescop (Bunnings)
  • Steering wheel (Bunnings)
  • Rope ladder


  • Second hand slide
  • Old roof sheeting
  • Bondall Inground wood protector


  • Structural nails
  • Gas lift struts for trapdoor


  • Ozito reciprocating saw


  • Ozito screwdriver

  • Ozito impact driver


  • Ozito circular saw


  • Spirit level


Step 1

  • Quick sketch design and check in with Bunnings Workshop community to seek advice!
  • Clear and level ground around tree for base
  • Lay and compact 20mm gravel for base of frame to sit on (to help provide a sturdy base and improve drainage)
  • Paint all wood in contact with ground with Bondall wood protector
  • Cut and fix timber with large screws
  • IMG_0160.JPEGIMG_0166.JPEG

Step 2

  • Cut and attach frame legs using M12 through bolts
  • Cut notches in top of posts for frame sides, ensuring all plumb and level 
  • Install frame sides using M12 through bolts 
  • Wood slice.jpgIMG_0472.JPEGIMG_0549.JPEG

Step 3

  • Install joist hangers for joists using structural nails
  • Install joists made from treated pine - size and spacing of joists based on expected deck weight and length of joist span
  • IMG_0646.JPEG

Step 4

  • Install spotted gum decking on top of floor joists
  • Install balustrade frame using cut lengths of spotted gum decking before installing branches collected from site as railings
  • Treated pine used to create cubby frame with fence palings used for cladding - all fixed with treated pine screws
  • IMG_1304.JPEGIMG_1350.JPEGIMG_1351.JPEGIMG_1352.JPEG

Step 5

  • Final fit out including wooden ladder with climbing holds
  • Rope ladder
  • Trap door made from wood scraps and gas lift struts
  • Install periscope, wheel and bell
  • Add pirate swag (flag, spray paint decals)
  • Encourage kids to stop watching TV and get outside!
  • IMG_0057.JPEG
Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Pirate-themed treehouse

Hello @mjkworldwide 


What a fantastic treehouse, it looks very solidly built. It looks very well thought out and the stencils are a neat touch. The use of natural timber branches to cover the balustrade was very clever. I'm sure your kids will appreciate the treehouse. I also suspect that they will be asking for additions once they realize that the pirate ship can get bigger.


Thank you for sharing such an awesome project.




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Becoming a Leader

Re: Pirate-themed treehouse

wow this looks amazing. I bet the kids are absolutely loving it!!🤍

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Pirate-themed treehouse

What a terrific tree house, @mjkworldwide !  Hours of fabulous play and kids' imaginations will make this a very worthwhile addition to the backyard!

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