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Planning on a weekend job floating deck build

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Planning on a weekend job floating deck build



Hi there Bunnings community. 
I’m looking at building my first floating deck of at least 3.0x3.0m2. Want to raise approximately 300mm above my lawn, pic above, with a step. My land is pretty level with a slight slope but I will level this. I plan on using 90 x 45mm H3 pine for this build for the frame, joists and cross members. For the deck I’m leaning towards ekodeck but possibly merbau. 
I have a 3.2m 100x100 cypress pine post for some or all of the posts and possibly adding some  DEKO 250 x 150 x 150mm Instant Concrete Foundation Block

In future I also plan on installing the Mimosa 3x3 Portsea Gazebo a little later. 
My question to the community is can I get away with building a 3.0x3.0m2 deck or should I go over. And my other question is where should I place the posts to

support the Mimosa gazebo. 
Thanks in advance. 




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Planning on a weekend job floating deck build

Hello @TeddyZ


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your floating deck project.


Building your deck and having to modify it to install the Mimosa 3 x 3m Lava Portsea Louvre Semi Permanent Gazebo, later on, is definitely worth planning. Building the deck larger than the footprint of the Portsea Gazebo means you will have to cut into the deck. It will be hard to dig post holes for the gazebo as the structure of the deck is in the way. Building the deck smaller will allow you to install the Portsea Gazebo without having to worry that the deck is in the way.


According to the Mimosa Portsea Assembly Instructions, the posts are within the three-meter boundary of the Portsea Gazebo structure. Using that information, I suggest making circular cement footings of sufficient size and depth ahead of time for you to drill into when installing the Portsea Gazebo.


Let me tag our experienced members @LePallet and @Yorky88  for their recommendations.


Please keep us updated, we look forward to seeing the start of your deck project.




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