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Replacing a low-level deck

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Re: Replacing a low-level deck

Hi Eric, 


Thank you for the feedback much appreciated.  I think my biggest "mistake" and that may just be a matter of opinion was starting at the wrong end, but it was also a blessing in disguise as I'll explain further on.

The other issue I had was the two edge boards because the pillars were in the way to slide them onto the C clips, it proved quite a challenge to fit.

What I ended up doing was cutting a piece out of the bottom, just off from where I measured the C-clip would go and then it was just a matter of placing the boards down and sliding them across rather than back,  which was a but of a struggle but I did get them on.
One of the important things I did was measure, measure, measure, I must have measured something half a dozen times before cutting.
There were a few close calls where I measured then marked it gone back and measured again and then realising that I've missed reading the tape and would have taken more off than I should have.
All this measuring took a lot longer but I think it saved me a lot of unnecessary cuts and waste.

I also to used an old piece of timber deck board as a template and cut it to the exact length to check that the length for the first board is the same as the last board and basically I had the frame parallel.
I then used that to set up a jig like table that had a stopper for that length at the end and that way I could easily just push the boards up against the stopper, naturally check it again and cut getting all the lengths the same.

The other bit of advice would be to try to plan the whole workflow out first, I realised and another reason why I changed where I started from what that I hadn't fastened the back end of the front edge board, only the C-clips in the front were holding it and I had already put a few boards down and couldn't get between them to fasten the edge board down at the back, The alternative would have been to screw it down from the top which I didn't want to do.
So not being happy with where I started and now the problem of not being able to fasten the edge board was enough for me to un-do the boards and start from the other end, fastening the edge board down first this time.

I think also have a work belt or somewhere to ALWAYS place your smaller tools like marking pencil, drill and screw bits angel rulers etc. I found I was just dumping them down on the edge of the Pillars on the saw bench, the table in the garage or just on the ground only to aimless search for something 10 minutes later. That got annoying sometimes.. "where the &^@&@^#%&@!  did I put that drill !!"  :smile:   But it all worked out in the end.


Thank you  

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Re: Replacing a low-level deck

Looks amazing @darrenh. I cannot agree more on the comment about houses not being square. I have burnt my fingers making the assumption things are going to be square. I now measure every side, every angle, transfer it to paper and then re-measure again. This is something the construction industy really needs to think about. But, I also think this is likely to affect only a very small proportion of the population, so why bother!!!


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