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Stubby holder display

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Stubby holder display

My brother in law collects ball caps.  He has hundreds of them.  Me, I collect stubby coolers.  I decided to make a display to show them off.  The best thing about it is that the 3rd cooler from the left, top row is from our wedding and has the date on it.  I never forget our anniversary.

Stubby holder display.jpg

Made from jarrah with a ply backing.  Perspex front keeps them clean and dry.  Problem is I now have to make another one to fit all the coolers I have collected since.

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Re: Stubby holder display

Great feature piece!
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Re: Stubby holder display


Daz mate, I like the concept, but you either need spring loaded hinged flaps on the bottom of each column, or a BREAK IN EMMERGENCY sign. : P

I'm pretty hard on my stubby holders, they're only good for landfill by day 3, so what's your secret? 8 P

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Re: Stubby holder display


@darylhewston i used your brilliant idea to make my husband’s 40th birthday present. There were 6 columns but Bunnings cut it incorrectly for me so down to 5. Bottom of acrylic was cut to allow for easy access and the top slides off and on through the side so the stubbies are easily on rotation. His mates want them too now. Thanks for the DIY!

Re: Stubby holder display


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Re: Stubby holder display

Hello @sunraider 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your stubby holder display.


That design looks very practical specially the easy access bottom of the acrylic cover. You might need to plan for the future, I can only imagine how many more of these displays you'll need to make if friends and family started to give you a new stubby holder every week.


Thank you for sharing such an excellent project.




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Re: Stubby holder display

Thanks @EricL - I do envisage he’ll need a bigger one at some stage. They’re super easy to make but the acrylic cutting is where the cost lies! We will give this to a friend once we upgrade ☺️ 


look forward to sharing more projects.

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