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Tool for pergola project?

Tool for pergola project?

Hi Team,

I would like a power tool convenient to use for cutting my skyline roof and also do other jobs with it. Other jobs like nailing the gutter onto the frame of the pergola. What is the best tool to buy to complete this job? I am not an expert with using big tools. a handy one would be great.

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: pergola

Hello @rivkahchandran


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about your pergola.


Would it be possible for you to post a photo of your skyline roof? Is it made of steel or is made of plastic? Once we see what it is, we can then suggest what tool to use. There are several tools you can use to fix a gutter. The most basic one is an Irwin 16oz, Fibreglass Hammer. If your gutter is held in by nails this is the one to use. Next is the Drill, which is often used when drilling Zenith 8 - 10 x 40mm Galvanised Countersunk Rib Head Timber Screws - 100 Pack into the timber. Both these tools come in different sizes, it all depends on what job you are working on. If you are currently working on a project, we would love to see any updates you can provide.


If you need more advice or information, please let us know.




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