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Ute draws

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Ute draws

Hi all,


I have completed my new set of draws for the back of the ute and I can't believe I didn't take one single photo during the build.  I think I was too keen to get them built and installed.  I can't seem to find my draft drawing either.


I won't go into too much detail so if anyone wants more info, please don't hesitate.  The idea of this design was to avoid having to buy a $800 fridge drop slide for the Waeco and is ideal for the work tools.


Basically, the frame is 20 x 20 x 1.6mm steel tube (or 20 SHS) welded together to maximise the space in the tub.  I used commercially available slides which was the most expensive items.  Timber surrounds is 19mm formboard cut to size.  Carpet is marine which was purchased at Bunnings.  Aluminium trim from Midialia Steel.

I had to install the main draw unit and bolt through the frame before welding on the wing braces.

After I was happy with the frame, the formboard was cut to size and screwed in place.  Carpet was glued down with Kwik Grip and the aluminium trim screwed in place.

The silver box you can see is a 2500/5000 watt inverter (12v to 240v) that is run from a second battery that is mounted behind the tall draw.  This battery is managed by a Redarc 12v to 12v DC charger.


I have also installed several 12v sockets, USB socket and voltmeter via a couple of switches to run the fridge and any other gadets (all via auto resettable fuses).


I would have to say that the 'wings' took the longest as there is nothing 'square' so I used a cardboard template to help with all the curves.


Really happy with the result.  The pics really don't do them justice.  I can now use the entire space without having to climb into the tub.  And the wings hide my recovery gear and other gear.





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Re: Ute draws

Awesome. Would love to see what you can do with a campervan. 

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Re: Ute draws

Big thumbs up from me.

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