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What a lot of space - what to do...?

Growing in Experience

What a lot of space - what to do...?

Hi all


Here's my second offering to the WWW (Wonderful World of Workshop)!  This project took a couple of years to complete mainly due to being a new home owner back in 2009 (funds), constantly changing my mind, time and skills sets.

This was not completed on my own and there are a few people I'd like to thank whom I couldn't have done this without!


Purchased in 2009 and after the internal paint job was complete (more on this another time) the front yard was attacked.  The front was essentially used for parking by previous tenants and quite frankly was wasted space (approx 18 x 9 metres or 160sqm).



Step 1 - Clearing the canvas - All bushes and the tree were taken down (I am not a fan of cutting down trees - especially a Gummy - but I had Knox council investigate and advise it was a hazard to the structure of the home and the overhead power cables).



Step 2 - Fence of the area for privacy and security.  This was my design and I wanted to ensure there was enough space within the perimeter but also i wanted to add further value to the house by adding space for a double car port (my double garage is actually round the back).  I think it came out well!



Step 3 - Windows out, doors in.  Making bedroom access to what would soon be the front entertaining area was a big decision as it meant more work (and more $$$s).  Eventually I decided - "What the hell, may as well!".  The front two bedrooms (master and guest) were to have their windows taken out, lower brick work removed then have double sliding, double glazed doors installed.  Oh boy!



Step 4 - Decking & Pergola.  This was the biggest part of the job....yet the one I have the least pictures of due to it  being muddy over the 5 week period (we only worked on the weekends for this job).  The spa was rolled into place just before we commenced on the the deck and once again this was my design from scratch Once completed it was painted and the deck stained (water based).  The end result is below...



And there we have it.  A lovely out door area for entertaining! Admittedly this picture is after all the landscaping and paving was completed but I will create a separate section for this and the completion of the double carport.


The entertaining area came to 106sqm and the car port around 45sqm leaving 9sqm extra added onto the pathway to the front door - I will update that project soon.


Some things I learnt along the way;

  • Don't try moving a 360kg dry weight spa with mates - get the professionals in
  • As crazy as your ideas seem - keep at it.  i got laughed at when I told the real estate agent of my plans!
  • Wear gloves using colorbond - it's as sharp as!
  • Ensure you have all your permits and liaise with your local council before building.
  • Check where your underground pipes are before drilling - yup we hit a water pipe!

Thanks for reading :smile:

Amassing an Audience

Re: What a lot of space - what to do...?



Is that crazy stone paving in the last photo in front of the deck? Did you do that yourself?

Growing in Experience

Re: What a lot of space - what to do...?

Hey @Kermit

Yes, that's crazy paving all around and at either side of the deck. I will be adding a blog on that project soon.


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