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What joiners do I need to fit pvc pipe?

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What joiners do I need to fit pvc pipe?

I just bought 40mm pvc pipe and 40mm joiners (3/4/5 way joints) and the joints dont fit.. did I buy the wrong ones or?? Fwi it's not for water piping it's for a diy project..

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: what joiners do I need to fit pvc pipe?

Hello @Sammi91


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you for joining us and sharing your question about 40mm pipe joiners.


There are two common types of PVC pipes at the store. One is called the Holman 40mm x 1m PVC DWV Pipe it is grey in colour and the tag on the side of it says DWV for drain, waste, and vent. The other type is known as the Holman 40mm x 1m Class 12 Press PVC Pipes it is white in colour and has a thicker pipe diameter. This pipe is used for high-pressure applications such as swimming pool fittings. The parts for these PVC pipes are not interchangeable. 


If you have grey PVC pipes you must have grey fittings. To be specific the joiner for the grey Holman 40mm x 1m PVC DWV Pipe is the Holman 40mm PVC DWV Straight Coupling. However, if you have the white Holman 40mm x 1m Class 12 Press PVC Pipes you need to use the Holman 40mm Press PVC Coupling. If you are making a PVC frame project we would love to see what you're building. Any updates would be much appreciated.


Please note that there are now Holman Ezyfit Systems in the store to allow you to create PVC frames of various types. Make sure to test your fittings to be positive that they will work together.


Please keep us updated, we look forward to seeing your PVC frame built.




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