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What type of gate spring to use on round posts?

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What type of gate spring to use on round posts?

I want to put gate springs on two gates to keep in our new dog.  The posts are wood but the gate frame is cylindrical pipe

about 25mm diameter. 

Most springs have two flat ends wth screw holes - no problem with the wooden posts, but what do I do with the other end? 

Are suitable springs available?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Gate spring

Hi @Hendo,


I'm not aware of any spring gate closers for the tubular pipe. However, I'd envisage that standard gate springs would work in a similar fashion. You don't have a flat surface to screw into, but that shouldn't prevent you from Tek-screwing the mount to your tubular post. The Tek-screw should be strong enough, but you could place a bolt right through the tube for extra strength.


My logic might be flawed, but the return strength of the spring is governed by it being pulled out of alignment. I suspect a similar effect will happen whether the surface is circular or flat. The effectiveness of my proposed use would likely be determined by the type of hinge on the gate. Are they standard hinges that have been welded to the gate (like on an internal door), or are they specific pipe clamp hinges?


Let me mention @TedBear to get his thoughts.


Please let me know if you have any questions.






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