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What wood is best for an outdoor bench?

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What wood is best for an outdoor bench?

hi awesome team,

hopefully you can see the picture below of an awesome looking outdoor bench that I want to build. Can anyone please suggested what size timber is used in the below or would be suitable to get a similar result. Also any ideas on what wood to use??? I’m after a similar look to the below and would like a middle of the range quality wood. Any help please??


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Re: What wood is best for an outdoor bench?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @stuart2. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


This bench appears to be constructed of hardwood timber. Unfortunately, there is not really any middle of the range hardwoods and generally, it is of premium quality with a price tag to reflect that. The timber used needs to be something for external use and that is either hardwood or treated pine. Treated Pine Outdoor Timber Framing 190 x 45mm  would be a cheaper alternative though it often has a greenish tinge to its colouring due to the treatment applied. The green colouring can be counteracted by applying an exterior stain to its surface.


These 200 x 50mm 2.4m Hardwood Sleepers would be the most budget-friendly option for that dimension of hardwood. They would then need significant sanding to achieve the examples finish. Another option might be the pre-finished Hardwood F27 KD Solid 120x35mm 2.4m which would look amazing used in this project.


Let me mention some helpful members @Peggers, @Yorky88, @LePallet, @Poppop and @Stuardo who might like to join the conversation.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or had any questions.




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