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Community Newcomer
1 reply

Hello experts,I am trying to fix the following window seal. However, I have been struggling to find the matching seal in Bunnings. What could be the a ...

Getting Established
6 replies

I painted a door with Taubman's AllWeather exterior grade paint, 3 coats matt, as it is for a back gate. The door is hardwood with a veneer. Since we ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

How can i repair these grout of porch tiles- its all falling off -  is there anything easy diy? its side gap connecting brick wall and steps What mate ...

Community Newcomer
3 replies

Help please!! We used the Cabot’s deck clean as our kwila deck needs restraining and it has left white marks on our external house walls. How do I rem ...

Community Newcomer
1 reply

I'm looking at building a small deck in the backyard with pallet wood. I have the pallets and im not sure how to start. The area I'm intending on buil ...

Getting Established
1 reply

I am undecided whether to choose a 50x50 2.4m or 65x65 2.4m galvanized steel posts to support a 1.8m high hardwood lap and cap fence with 3 hardwood r ...

Just Starting Out
4 replies

My fence and retaining wall were damaged by my neighbour's builder during the constructions works. The retaining wall, posts and fence were deflecte ...

Building a Reputation
3 replies

Below are the pictures of a set of stainless steel grills that surround an outdoor table top gas heater. They are pretty rusted and not just surface r ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

I would like to make a circle backdrop from mdf and was wondering if at Bunnings they can help me with cutting a circle shape

Finding My Feet
8 replies

Hi, We are building pergola with 6 90*90 mm posts, connecting them with 4 beams 90*35*2500mm and 3 90*35*3200 mm joists. We are planning to spread gr ...

Just Starting Out
9 replies

I've been tasked with building an 8 seater outdoor dining table for my daughter, I have no specific experience with this beyond some general woodwork/ ...

Home Improvement Guru
5 replies

This is the second part of my stormwater rectification. Now that the side of the house had been done and I could access it again I needed to redo the ...

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