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10 ideas for your spare room

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Projects Editor

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From home offices to guest bedrooms, Bunnings Workshop members have shared many ways to use a spare room and make their home more functional and enjoyable.


Get inspired by the examples below and create a space that’s perfect for your needs.


1. A guest bedroom


Use your spare room to offer a private and comfortable space for your guests. Carol (@Carol_Prime) used new side tables, a new bedhead and a new feature wall in neutral tones to create a stylish, cosy guest bedroom.


Guest bedroom.png


The Bunnings team shares handy advice in D.I.Y. bedroom makeover.


2. A home office


Given the rise in flexible working, a home office is a popular way to use a spare room. Lyn (@LynThomson17)’s home office features plenty of desk and shelf space, along with a timber feature wall.


Home office.JPG


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3. A home gym


Forget high membership fees or busy gyms. A home gym allows you to exercise from the comfort of your home. Mark (@Remarka6le) built a home gym complete with mirror-tinted windows and wall storage.


Home Gym.jpeg


Have a look at tips on building your own home gym shared by the Bunnings team.


4. A storage room


Turn your spare room into an organised and functional storage area. Get inspired by Carol, who used Flexi Storage Clever Cubes to organise her storage room.


Storage room (2).png

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5. A home theatre


Transform your spare room into a cosy home theatre where you can relax and enjoy watching movies. Nurhadi (@Prof) shares detailed instructions on how to build a dedicated home theatre.


Home theatre.jpeg


Josh (@JoshC83)'s Home cinema in a garage is another good example.


6. A creative studio


Build a dedicated space for your creative endeavours. Workshop member @Teachershan turned a drab spare room in their basement into an artist's studio.


Artist's studio.jpg


Check out Carl (@CSParnell)'s music/adults room for more inspiration.

7. A home library


Design a tranquil reading retreat by turning your room into a home library. Community member @DannoAbbott built custom floor-to-ceiling bookcases for their home library, giving it a classic look.


Home library.png


The Bunnings team shares step-by-step instructions on how to build a D.I.Y. bookcase.


8. A playroom


Perfect for keeping kids busy, a playroom is another great way to use a spare room. James (@woodalwaysworks) transformed a built-in wardrobe in his spare room into a two-storey cubby house in this playroom project.


Wardrobe cubby.jpg


You'll find loads of clever ideas to entertain the kids, including plenty of cubby house designs, in our Top 10 most popular kids projects.

9. An indoor garden


You can use your spare room for terrariums, which are low-maintenance indoor gardens that don't take up too much space. Michelle (@mich1972) shares tips on making easy-care terrariums


59868968-2F3D-4009-A653-BCFDDDF235E0 (3).jpeg


Using plant stands is another great way to grow indoor plants. Timber plant stands by Jo (@joineryjo) are easy to make and can add a striking design element to your spare room.


10. A pet room


You can customise your spare room to cater to your pets’ specific needs, whether it's adding a dog bed or setting up feeding stations. Mark built a D.I.Y. slide-out dog bed using dressed Pine.




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More advice and inspiration for using your spare room

Bunnings Workshop community members have shared several other ideas in the discussion What do you use your spare room for?


If you need more help, don’t hesitate to ask a question. We’d be happy to assist. 


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