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10 ways to make a room look bigger

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Projects Editor

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A feeling of space can make your home more comfortable and inviting. From installing sliding doors to using the right lighting, there are many ways to make your rooms appear more spacious. 


Make the most of your home and create the illusion of larger rooms with these suggestions from the Bunnings Workshop community. 


1. Install sliding doors


Sliding doors such as fashionable barn doors don't need room to swing open and tuck neatly into the wall, reducing their footprint and making the room appear more spacious. This MDF barn door with diagonal pattern by Bunnings Workshop member Rylie (@LePallet) is a good example. Check out more barn door ideas for your home.


LePallet 2.png


Don’t miss the step-by-step guide How to build a barn door with VJ panels by Mariana (@lifestylebymari).


2. Use the walls


Hanging things off walls is a great way to free up floor space. Community member @Nkbarfield used hanging rails and a floating shelf to build a space-saving drying and laundry storage solution


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Build your own with the step-by-step Bunnings guide How to make an industrial clothes rail.


3. Don’t dismiss wasted spaces


Utilise spaces that are normally ignored, such as the gap between a fridge and the wall. Adam (@DIYology) built a slimline pull-out spice rack that tucks away when not in use. Resident Bunnings D.I.Y. expert Mitchell (@MitchellMc) shares step-by-step instructions in How to build your own slimline spice rack.




Here are 8 ways to use wasted spaces in your home.


4. Add furniture with in-built storage


Beds or seats with storage underneath can maximise storage space. Mariana transformed an unused spot in her home into an inviting window nook by adding a seat with concealed storage.


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Find more storage ideas with our Top 10 most popular storage projectsKitchen storage solutions and 5 clever ways to maximise storage in your home.


5. Hang things from the ceiling


Hanging things like light fixtures from the ceiling makes the room look taller and more open. You can also add greenery to your room by hanging baskets from the ceiling. Check out Michelle (@mich1972)'s colourful hanging basket for inspiration.


7. How to create a hanging garden Hero image v1.jpeg


Learn How to create a hanging basket and How to choose plants for hanging baskets.


6. Trick the eye with paint


Make your room look bigger by painting the walls, trim, and ceiling with different shades of the same colour. Start with the darkest shade on the walls and finish with the lightest on the ceiling.


How To Choose The Right White Paint – Paragraph 5 – British Paints.jpeg


Resident Bunnings D.I.Y. expert Eric (@EricL) shares How to choose the right paint for the job.


7. Choose the right materials


The materials and colours of benchtops, cabinetry and flooring can make a big influence. In the Bunnings article Storage hacks for small spaces, interior stylist Louise Dammer says “large neutral or white tiles will bounce light around the room, creating the illusion of space.”




Workshop member Leanne (@craftyhopper) used classic and textured white tiles on her bathroom floor in her budget makeover


8. Install lights


Use lighting to make a room look bigger and consider wall lights instead of table lamps.


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Experienced Workshop member Adam (@Adam_W) shares step-by-step instructions on How to make a light disc feature you can hang on your wall.


9. Declutter and organise


A cluttered space can make a room feel smaller, so it's important to get rid of anything you don't need and organise your belongings. While turning an unused spare room into a functional craft room, storage room and playroom, Carol (@Carol_Prime) used Flexi Storage Clever Cubes. 


20210104_083013 (3).jpg


10 ways to organise your home is great for anyone looking to declutter their home. 


10. Add mirrors


Mirrors bounce light around the room, making it look bigger. You can hang a small mirror, install wardrobe door mirrors or use a full-length mirror.


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The Bunnings guide How to hang a mirror contains handy tips.


Need more help in making your room look bigger?


The Bunnings Workshop community can assist with more inspiration and advice for making your room look bigger. Don’t hesitate to ask a question. We’re here to help.

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