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Deciding to renovate or build new home

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Deciding to renovate or build new home

As some of you may know, #wifey and I are building a new family home. We're looking for something better suited to our family needs.


We were going to renovate our current home (I built it in 2010) but by the time we plan it out, get it done (between the cost and the inconvenience) we know we'll still be compromising somewhere and we don't want to do that. So we decided to build new.


When I built our current home I wasn't with #wifey yet and it was the first house I'd built so between being a newbie and not properly planning for the future, we're in a great house but it's not exactly what we want.


  • I chose a big house which meant I ended up with a small yard - fine when you're a bachelor, not so great when you have 4.5yr old twin girls running round.
  • I didn't get into every detail of the plans and I have a walk-in linen as big as some bathrooms I've seen, my fridge recess should be bigger, my entry isn't very wide/welcoming.
  • I certainly didn't consider effective positioning of my rooms/windows to benefit from the position of the sun for natural light and the heating/cooling effects.
  • I should've made my fridge recess deeper.


And there are a few other things but let's not beat me up over it, yeah? :wink:


So I thought I'd try to keep everyone involved along the way with what we've done differently, things we've thought about, things we've learned, etc.


I'm keen to hear if anyone else has made the decision between renovating or buying new...

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Re: Deciding to renovate or build new home

We use data & apps that help make that choice every day
1. There's no emotional attachment involved.. stakeholders just want data
2. When making decisions the Battlers & Punters want proofs not expert opinions & words...
3. We live in a time where making the right decision with limited resources is critical...emphasis is on TIME
4 I find if you are going to help people, give them the facts, proofs and options.
5. One persons experience is not anothers

6.7.8. etc
OT The focus has moved from feel good images and words to a precise science, math based simulations and analytics
The experts at Google will tell you forums and blogs are slowly dying..keep an eye out for the all new google phone there are interesting times ahead

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Re: Deciding to renovate or build new home

Great topic @ProjectPete. I'm sure many people are struggling with this decision.


As I noted early last year, in our area it seems most people are opting for new home builds. I would expect it is a combination of many factors, but largely driven by price and ensuring they don't have to compromise. 


Looking forward to reading more about your new adventure.



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