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Exterior brick makeover on a budget

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Exterior brick makeover on a budget







I’m so excited we are finally moving forward with phase 1 of our ‘Great Brick Coverup’! 80s be gone, we are bagging it then in phase 2 we will paint it!!


It’s inexpensive but a LOT of work, and messy but SO rewarding.


I’m going to be sharing the progress on

Marika | MARIKA KNOWS THINGS | @marikaknowsthings on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok
Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Exterior brick makeover on a budget

Hi @marikaknows,


That certainly looks like it is going to be a great transformation. 


Have you had any difficulties so far with the rendering? Any tips or tricks you could share with our members who are looking to complete a similar project?


We look forward to hearing more about your project and seeing the finished result after painting.


Many thanks for sharing.




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Re: Exterior brick makeover on a budget

It’s gone really well so far, we have done a number of internal walls prior to starting the outside so we worked out the kinks.


I would say watch a lot of videos on YouTube as everyone does it differently, I looked up bagging, rendering, brick staining, German smear technique and settled on a light bagged look.


Any paint or primer you use on brick or over bagging must state it is acceptable for use on masonry as it needs to breathe.


I’ve just made a video of the process we are using that may help anyone considering this.

Marika | MARIKA KNOWS THINGS | @marikaknowsthings on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok

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