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Help with metal coffee table fix


Help with metal coffee table fix


Hi all,


I am hoping someone might be able to help with ideas on how to fix a pressed metal coffee table. It has some wear on the top which o am hoping to correct somehow. See pic. 

it is only on the top of the table. 

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Re: help with metal coffee table fix

Hi riessy,


That looks like the protective layer coming off, thats what black hot rolled steel comes with from the manufacture. The light silver is the real colour of steel, the grey is just a protective layer that most people sand off. I used to work in the steel industry and thought the same thing when I first started. Which you cant fix it sadly.

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Re: help with metal coffee table fix

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Re: help with metal coffee table fix

you could make this work for you, grab some rust paint give it a coat or some brick cleaning acid give it a wipe to bring on the rust and put a glass top on to giving it a bit of patina

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