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How to fix gap between door and window frame and external wall?

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How to fix gap between door and window frame and external wall?


I just recently noticed most of my property’s window/ door frames are pulling away from my wall ( showed as photos), and there are large gaps between frames and brick , how could I fix it? Can I use gap filler ? Or Is this a foundation problem?

Thanks heaps





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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Gap between door/ Window frame and external wall

Hello @sarah15


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's fantastic to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about the gap in your door and window frames.


Have you noticed any large cracks in your walls that weren't there before? Have any of your walls started leaning in a peculiar way? Has your floor started to buckle? These things I've mentioned are the usual signs of a shift in the foundation of your home. However, sometimes they don't appear and the effects manifest themselves in a different manner. 


If we give the house the benefit of the doubt and these gaps have appeared through aging, I suggest using Selleys 430g No More Gaps Exterior Gap Filler. It can fill in gaps as wide as 25mm and can fill as deep as 12mm. 


I recommend observing the gaps once you've repaired them. If you get more extreme door and window frame movement, I suggest consulting a structural engineer and asking them why you're getting such extreme movement in your house.


Let me tag our experienced members @tom_builds, @ProjectPete and @TedBear for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: Gap between door/ Window frame and external wall

Hi Eric
Thx for your reply. I just moved in this property a while ago and previous owner has repainted the internal wall etc , so I won’t see large cracks but a few small ones in the wall around window frames. But yes some of my windows and doors seems a bit jammed. 

I will  keep an eyes on this gaps and hopefully the house has settled.





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Re: Gap between door/ Window frame and external wall

Hi @sarah15 .   Those gaps look very even and clean...  I wonder if they are actually indicate a problem or just the way it's been built

I have reintroduced a gap under my bedroom window (timber) after the previous owner had filled it, causing the lower frame to start rotting because rain water seeping through normal gaps around the window couldn't escape.  No more problems now that the small gap is back. If there is no movement between the walls and your frames, then it is probably just a cosmetic issue and you could follow @EricL ' s suggestions  to fill them. The jamming is worth further investigation though, but you are onto that. 

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