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Removing a ceiling finish

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Removing a ceiling finish

Hi all, first time asking a proper question, but currently on a roll after having some bathroom renos done (by the pro's on that one!) and wanting to get some other projects done around the townhouse we are in.


One thing I have hated since we moved in is the texture on our ceiling. I had a quote from one company to re-sheet and do the cornice throughout the house over our two levels and nearly fell over at the prices to have the ceiling just replaced, which has lead me to my question.....




Is it possible to remove or scrap off this finish in any way, and then just patch, smooth and re-paint the ceiling?


The texture is set in from a smooth, painted edge around 15-20mm the whole way around the edge of the ceilings in every room from the cornice.


I have been researching this a while, and I cannot actually find what this texture or finish is called.

It's not the popcorn ceiling popular in very old houses and other countries and I can't quite tell what it is, if it is just super thick paint, or some kind of plaster with paint over the top?

Does anyone have any more details on the finish, and does anyone have any experience removing the finish?


Thanks in advance,



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Removing a ceiling finish

Hello @shauny,


Thanks for sharing your question on how to remove your ceiling finish. 


I suspect the painter used a special roller with a rendered face to get the effect you are now seeing. I suggest doing a bit of investigation on how thick this finish is. Using a scraper test a portion of the ceiling and see if the finish will peel off. If successful then it would be safe to assume that the rest of the finish can be taken off in this manner. 


Sanding the finish is possible, but you can't guarantee the integrity of the entire ceiling surface, parts of it may crack or peel. I recommend a full removal to make sure you have a full positive render on the ceiling. 


There is currently a similar question that has been asked and a solution proposed on how to proceed. How do I remove textured paint from ceiling? The solutions proposed could work for you and is another option for you to consider.


If we can assist you further please let us know. 








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