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Timbermate triumph - front door fix and wood filler tips

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Timbermate triumph - front door fix and wood filler tips

I'd sought help from fellow Workshoppers previously for Replacing/fixing damaged front door frame. Thanks @Kermit and @Andy_Mann for the helpful suggestions.  


In getting our house ready for sale the damage to the front door timber frame required attention. It was quite a fiddly job with many learnings along the way.


We were concerned of potentially spending thousands of $$ for labour and door frame replacement, but about $10 of Timbermate has done the job! 


My advice using Timbermate for a job like this is firstly don't try to hit a timbermate home run upfront - multiple applications, giving each application time to dry and then be sanded back was the best approach. Gradually the shape of the filled area evolved to what I wanted it to be.


Safety gear critical here - glasses and a dust mask.  Timbermate dust gets everywhere when sanding. Have the vacuum handy.


1. The original damage. 




2. After multiple timbermate applications, sandings, and reapplications. At this stage - despite my reassurances - the good lady wife is threatening divorce!




3. After first coat of stain. At this stage I'm feeling there is some hope.



4. The final product.  Not absolutely perfect, but acceptable, and saved us the significant cost of replacing entire door frame. Atleast you walk in and out of the front door without noticing it.








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Re: Timbermate triumph - front door fix and wood filler tips

Well done @Ben, the final result looks fantastic, & your tips will be very handy for other Workshoppers, when they come to tackle a similar project.


A tip from me: Tell your wife, that grumpy old Andy_Mann, reckons she needs to toughen up. :wink:



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