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Wainscoting entry hallway overhaul

Growing in Experience

Wainscoting entry hallway overhaul

Decided to decorate the entry hallway walls with panel moudling and I think the result came out pretty good. Wasn't sure if i will be able to do it but this forum has been very helpful to ask questions every time i got stuck.


I think it came out very good and has truly transformed the space.


Hopefully my effort inspire other people to take up similar projects as well.



Step 1

- Took the measurements of the walls and draw a rough plan on paper.

- Marked out the outlines on the walls to get an idea on how it looks. Really recommend  Stanley 1200mm High Impact ABS Resin Spirit Level - Bunnings Australia.

- Locate the studs and use a tape or similar to mark out the location.

- Cut the pine mould to size. Pine mould used is Porta 30x12mm 2.4m Panel Mould Clear Pine - Bunnings Australia

- I used the craftright mitre box to cut the pine Craftright Mitre Box And Saw Set - Bunnings Australia

- Stick the mould on the wall along the pencil lining. I used selley fast grab liquid and Nailed them into the studs using a Ryobi Brad nailer. The vertical panels I only used glue as they did not line up with the studs. Fill the holes with wood filler.

- I ended up with joints between the moulds so used Timbermate wood filler. A tip would be to use this as little as possible. I was quite generous initially and it became a time consuming task to sand it all down.

- For the chair rail install would really recommend using a laser level to get your line. i used 66 x 11mm 5.4m Moulding White Pine FJ Primed Colonial SA1 - Bunnings Australia

- Double check the chair rail height from the top of skirting is consistent all the way through. use the stanley spirit level as it also has a ruler. This is to make sure you get it a perfect horizontal on the chair rail.

- Taped around the pine to prime it. Remove the tape when the primer is dry.


PHOTO-2024-04-02-09-54-40 (1).jpgPHOTO-2024-04-02-09-54-40 (2).jpgPHOTO-2024-04-02-09-54-40 (3).jpgPHOTO-2024-04-02-09-54-40 (5).jpgPHOTO-2024-04-02-09-54-40 (6).jpgPHOTO-2024-04-02-09-54-40 (7).jpg

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Re: Wainscoting entry hallway overhaul

Afternoon @SaadMalik 

:smile: From a very plain hall to something that has a lot of class. You really have lifted that space out of the dolldrums. Even to the point of me wondering how I could incorporate the trim into my own short hallway :smile:


Nice work and well worth it.



Growing in Experience

Re: Wainscoting entry hallway overhaul

Thanks for your kind words Dave. I hope it encourages you try something exciting for your hallway.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Panel moulding entry hallway overhaul

Hi @SaadMalik 


Thank you very much for sharing the details of your wainscotting project. It looks very modern and stylish. I'm in total agreement with Dave-1 and think that this would be a worthwhile addition even in a short hallway. 


Again, thanks for sharing such a wonderful project.




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