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What material do you think this is?

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What material do you think this is?

Hi Guys, 

I'm looking at removing my existing linen cupboard and replacing it with a new one. I'm trying to think of the most optimal way to remove this.... as I think the backing of the linen cupboard may be asbestos... what do you think it is?


I'm wondering if:

1) Its possible to remove the existing linen cupboard without damage to the sheeting

2) Remove the whole linen cupboard and get a it gyrocked + plastered.


Thanks so much for the input x IMG_20191030_214543.jpgIMG_20191030_214550.jpgIMG_20191030_214705.jpg


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Re: What material do you think this is?

Very old plaster with hair in it, like in this video?


Re: What material do you think this is?

Looks like old horse hair plaster. They used hair as the fibre reinforcement in old plaster not asbestos. Asbestos sheeting is similar to modern cement versions and is generally a harder and thinner material to plaster. If plaster is the binder for the sheeting it will be softish and you will easily to scratch away the surface.

Small disclaimer! That being said Asbestos was used up until the 1990s as insulation in homes so it is always best to consult a professional if you are not sure. Plaster looks like plaster but what lurks beneath is the bigger question

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