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Would you install a lino floor?

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Would you install a lino floor?

These days it seems everyone is going for timber or polished concrete floors.


Just wondering if anyone here would be brave enough to go for something different? 


I just saw this and thought it looked amazing. It's Marmoleum, a brand of linoleum. The manufacturer claims its durable and sustainable - made from 97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable, 43% recycled content.



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Re: Would you install a lino floor?

Absolutely! The enviromnetal credit this particular product has is also a major selling point. 

Speaking as someone who has lino floors at home, they're easy to clean and refresh - so in terms of ageing, they stack up pretty well. 


It all comes down to what sort of room aethetic you're going for. However this lino looks fantastic and very modern.

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Re: Would you install a lino floor?

I always 'poo pood' lino floors, particularly when it was suggested we lay them in the new family beach house. Despite my protest, the 'floorboard style' lino flooring went in. And... as it turns out, lino is terrific. Totally kid-proof, spill proof and care-proof. Depends how pretentious you are about your floors I guess. Compared this to the floorboards installed at our actual home, which have been replaced twice in three years due to flooding incidents. They are easily scratched by e.g. rogue bits of lego stuck in shoe soles, or matchbox cars accidentally stepped on.

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