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Broom holder

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Broom holder

Hello everyone...

I wanted to hang some brooms and dustpans off the laundry door to keep everything tidy. I looked around, and there were some plastic and metal holders you can buy. From my last job, I had some leftover timber and stain from making my computer desk.


Materials from Bunnings

  • untreated Pine 30 X 70 X 400mm
  • Wood screws
  • Everhang 30-40mm Broom Holder - 2 Pack ($5)
  • 240 grit sand paper
  • Silicon
  • Linseed Oil Stain (IKEA-$10)
  • Steel Hooks (IKEA-$2))

Sand and stain the wood, let it dry for a day. Mark out Broom-Holder on the wood and pre-drill holes. I placed mine at 60mm from the edge. Then mark the position of your fixing screw in between the Broom Holder as this will hide the fixing. Pre-drill for mounting. Measure out where to place the holder; for me it was 1500mm from the floor to the top of the holder. Add silicon or other adhesive to the back of the wooden holder. Mount the wooden holder through your pre-drilled holes and make sure it is level. Attach the Broom Holder through your pre-drill holes and any other hooks. It keeps everything tidy and if any of the attachments or hooks break over time, they can be easily replaced. 


Update: It has been several months and we use it all the time. The Everhang broom holder grips really well and should last a while.



All done!All done!20210126_102118.jpeg20210126_102032.jpeg20210126_103024.jpeg20210126_103647.jpeg



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Community Manager

Re: Broom Holder

Great work @Nham. Love it how you include plenty of photos and steps for members to replicate your creation. Thank you so much for sharing your project with us. I'm sure it will help and inspire others.




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Re: Broom Holder

Cheers Nham,simple and cheap,I think we overthink things sometimes and need to think your way,great work,Krusty.

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