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Do you think having a Fireplace can glorify your Patio/ Portico?

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Do you think having a Fireplace can glorify your Patio/ Portico?

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Re: Do you think having a Fireplace can glorify your Patio/ Portico?

Hi @aviaussie,


Do you have plans to install a fire pit in your own backyard?


I think anything that adds to the ambience and functionality of our outdoor spaces is beneficial. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy our backyards for the majority of the year and having a firepit is just another reason to be outside. They are fantastic for entertaining as there is nothing better than spending a lazy Saturday evening roasting marshmallows around a fire pit with your family. You can add a grill to cook on them and rarely will you get a better steak than one seared on an open flame. They provide warmth on cold evenings allowing you to enjoy the outdoors for longer.

The ambience they bring to a gathering is just unbeatable as stories get told, kids stoke the fire, parents tell them to get back and all the while bringing out a purely primal part of our nature as humans that often gets forgotten. Whether you are starting a fire by rubbing a couple of sticks together or setting it ablaze with firelighters and a box of matches, there is always a sense of achievement in creating a fire which provides warmth to your family and is a place to congregate with friends.


You or others reading this discussion might be interested in seeing the article How to build a fire pit by @Adaw_W which shows how they can be easily made with pre-cast cement blocks.




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