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Fan protruding a badly made hole. Is there a missing sealing flange?Inside viewFront on view.

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Does Bunnings supply the Heatstrip Elegance 2400r model.That is, the elegance model with remote control and without wifi.?

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HI, I have purchased the Barelli 5 bar black heated towel rail from Bunnings and am having a problem with the installation. I have opted for the plug ...

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Bunnings MakeItYours

This week we’re whacking on some rubber gloves and getting stuck into the Make It Yours bathroom and ensuite – with the help of our very first Kiwi c ...

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Does anyone know if Bunnings will start selling the heating film? It's a product quite popular in European bathrooms. Cheers.

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In my house we've just got a really old radiant strip heater on the bathroom wall. A bit like this but wall mounted: It works OK but I get a bit ner ...