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Farmhouse mudroom and laundry

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Farmhouse mudroom and laundry

When we built our house 6 years ago, we made the laundry room bigger than usual as I had grand ideas of making a mudroom to dump wet jackets and boots, since we live on 5 acres. I only just tackled the project this year and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.


I added a renovated cupboard for the vacuum and other utilities, a bench, a boot rack, coat hooks on a ship lap wall, retrofitted a cabinet to be a hidden cat litter box, and painted boring tiles to add to the farmhouse look. 

*there are a lot of steps with not much detail as it was such a big project with multiple small projects within it!


Montgomery Cupboard (mine was secondhand)

Dulux Wash & Wear paint (sage green)


Liquid Nails

Wood glue

140 x 19mm x 1.2m pine x 2

Tile paint 

12.7mm dowel 

22mm dowel 

Dar for the hanging laundry rack 

Small eye hooks x 4

Metal ring x 2

Single pulley

Double pulley

Black rope

Soft wax

Cleat hook

Assortment of screws and nails

4 hole brackets

Floating shelf brackets 

Live edge wood shelf


Magnetic catch for cupboard door

Pine sleepers 

Spare timber for bench squares

Ply 3-5mm

Coat hooks

IOD stamps

Picture frame

ESP easy surface prep




Ryobi orbital sander 

AEG jigsaw 




Straight edge


Cordless drill


Spade bit


Caulk gun



Step 1

Cut thin ply into strips for border around cupboard. Glue on with liquid nails and clamp overnight. Prime and paint. Attach your style of handle on the doors. Attach with brackets to wall. 






Step 2

To make bench:


Use handsaw or other tool you might have to cut sleepers to size. 


Use spare wood at least 40mm thick to build squares for the legs. Attach with screws then screw onto sleepers. 







Bracket to wall after wall is completed. 

Step 3

For faux ship lap wall:


Cut ply using straight edge into 15cm strips. 

Sand boards. 

Attach to wall using liquid nails and bullet nails (spending on if you are brick or timber framed walls). Allow a spacing of a 20 cent coin to keep consistent. 




Prime then paint. 

Attach coat hooks.


Attach shelf using brackets. 





Step 4

For live edge shelf: 


Find where your studs are and attach the shelf bracket. 


Sand and wax your live edge wood piece, then attach to bracket on the wall. 



Step 5

For boot holder: 


Cut 22mm dowel into 22.5cm lengths. 


Cut 1.2m pine board into 60cm lengths. 


Sand both. 


Use spade bit to make even holes in the board, going almost all the way through. Attach dowel using wood glue and a small screw through the back. 

Prime and paint. 

Attach using wood screws.


Step 6

For the hidden cat cupboard:


Use an old picture frame for the frame. Use a jigsaw to cut the frame out in the cupboard. Sand the hole. Attach picture frame using liquid nails.  



Step 7

For the hanging laundry rack:


I followed a Bunnings tutorial for ideas then I altered it to work for my laundry room. 






Step 8

For the tiles:


I sprayed ESP easy prep on the tiles then used white tile paint. 


I used the IOD stamps with permanent stamp ink to create the animal designs. 



Step 9





Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Farmhouse Mudroom and Laundry

Wow, your farmhouse mudroom and laundry project is absolutely stunning, @Natalya! The attention to detail and creative use of materials make it truly exceptional. Your hidden cat litter box and hanging laundry rack are brilliant additions that are not only functional but work so well in the space.


Well done, and many thanks for sharing!




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Home Improvement Guru

Re: Farmhouse mudroom and laundry

Good Afternoon @Natalya 

Now that is one handy room! I do like the gumboot holder :smile: I have a couple of pairs that are always thrown in the corner and forgotten about between uses. This looks like it will keep them in better shape! The cat toilet area is a brilliant idea :smile: Do they seem to like it?

I must say that panel is something I have grown to really like. I have an old cream version from the 80's? I think in one of my bedrooms. The new version/spacing just seems to look nicer.

Last question :smile: Does it work like you planned or would you change something?



Becoming a Leader

Re: Farmhouse mudroom and laundry

Well done @Natalya on your amazing mudroom and laundry makeover! I love the sage green paint colour. It’s the perfect shade of green for your fresh, new space. I especially love the hidden cat litter box - genius!


Thank you for sharing your project! 

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