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How to attach VJ board for a feature wall?

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How to attach VJ board for a feature wall?

I would like to add a tongue and groove feature wall to the top section in the bathroom above the existing tiles. I am going to paint out the features in the tiles. My question is how to attach 9mm VJ board and finish it up against the thickness of the existing tiles. Or would you suggest using another product?  



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Re: feature walls

Hello @Jesse1


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about VJ paneling.


Placing the Easycraft EasyVJ Panel right next to the tile is possible. However, I recommend adding a border to the top of the tile to break up the transition from your tile to the EasyVJ Panel. The timber piece does not have to be very big, its purpose is to provide a border between the tile and the EasyVJ Panel. It will allow you to hide the difference between the height of the tile and the EasyVJ Panel.


Buying a sample sheet at the store will allow you to place the EasyVJ Panel right next to the tile. This will show you how much of a difference there is in thickness. 


Here is a handy guide: How to create a VJ feature wall


Let me tag our experienced members @craftyhopper and @ProjectPete for their suggestions.


We look forward to seeing your renovated bathroom walls.




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Re: feature walls

Hey @Jesse1 

Think I’ve helped on my bathroom post. But if there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know. 
I have another bathroom Reno to share too. I did the same with VJ board. 
I like to breakup the tile and VJ panelling with a piece of timber. 
In my bathroom post we were taking on earlier, I use the timber benchtop to cut a piece. It had to be cut down anyway, so worked perfectly and it tied it all together. 
For the other bathroom Reno (I’m yet to share), I used a square piece of Tasmanian oak….



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