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How to continue with my bathroom renovation?

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How to continue with my bathroom renovation?

Hi so I have been in my new house 5 months, i started a renovation on my main bathroom  because the vanity on the wall sitting on a tiled brick ledge that atached to the bath on one side and on the other side it followed around to create a shower hob, had to be removed because it was badly rotted. So after removing the vanity it was a mess the way they have slabbed bricks and cement together witch holds the bathtub.


So I removed the shower hob, and shower screen, shower wall tiles wictch were mouldy from the plaster under the tiles witch I have scrapped clean

So now I have to replace bathroom floor tiles, under tiles is a yellow like sand/screed and after removing the hob for the shower I'm left with 2 diffren levels in the bathroom because the shower floor is higher,


once I have removed the floor tiles do I have to remove the screen?Dose the screed have to be fully removed back to concrete and replaced ? Also I want to replace the bath but how is this possible with the way they put the sides together for the tub witch stick out buy like 2cm, and the brick thats still attached. I want to still put a bathtub in and not have to move any plumbing 

Im wanting to get as much info  Sorry for so many








Kind of a Big Deal

Re: bathroom renovation need help

Hi @jessicawinter96 


You certanly are doing a good  job,   and  not an easy  task either so hang in there.


You know with all the work you are doing have you considered modernising the bath with a freestanding model? Same  pumbing  may still suit and the free standing baths have a flexable floor waste to aid in installation


Your bath is probably not more than 1300mm long  but there are  some really nice options out there for the shorter 1300 -1400 bath lenghts. Food  for thought given  you efforts  todate will need a  great bathroom as yuor  prize.



Firstly your current  bath tube should be sitting inside a  timber frame on top on a blob of  support concrete  The inside concert will need redoing when you swap to a  new built in bath most likly .  The cement used to support peoples wieght in the bath. Start by cutting silicon joints around  bath and wall and anywhere else you find it.  And you will need to undo bath drain so it can lift up.


Basically it will be easier to take out all the render and floor tiles as you will need to start again as far as floor levels and  also if you have new free standing model.  You will need to place a water proof membrane on the concrete once it is level and repaired back to even.  


Enjoy  picking out your new  bath and shower and fittings  well worth it  once done.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: bathroom renovation need help

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @jessicawinter96. It's sensational to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about bathroom renovation.

So, it looks like you're aiming for a full renovation. As it stands now, just about everything is to go. You can decide if you want to keep the current bath arrangement, but I like the idea from @Jewelleryrescue of replacing it with a more modern, free-standing model. Once you remove all the floor and wall tiles, you can use a demolition hammer to break up the higher section from the shower. You'll then be able to pour self-levelling cement over the whole floor to level the screed and provide a smooth surface for re-tiling. However, before the re-tiling, you'll need to have the entire bathroom waterproofed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: bathroom renovation need help

Thanks for your support 


Re: bathroom renovation need help

Hi so thanks the bathtub has a bricked support witch I figured out aft more demolition that's why it was slopped to one side because brick that supported the corner had slid down, im going to remove everything and start from scratch 

Re: bathroom renovation need help

Hello @jessicawinter96 


Please make sure to post a photo update once you've removed everything from the bathroom. I'm sure our members will be keen to see what your floor will look like once you've put in the self-levelling cement.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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