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How to fix loss of water pressure?

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How to fix loss of water pressure?

I moved into my detached unit in Sept and be lucky to have had 1 complete hot shower. 3x plumbers have been out and all said it looks fine apart from one who said the shower head needed a clean. Within 10-30 seconds of turning the water onto the desired temperature and pressure, the cold drops off and the hot is left to a dribble, drip or nothing at all! The same happens in the bath and hand basin and also in my laundry. My neighbor in the front unit has told me that the water comes in from the road, over his meter and then over to my unit, we can constantly hear when each other turns the tap off because of the loud clunking noise. I would just love to have a hot shower for once without the water dying off to a dribble! The hot water service was serviced 2 months before I moved In. If anyone has any thoughts it would be greatly appreciated especially now the colder weather is here. Thanks, enjoy your hot showers!! :wink: 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Losing pressure on hot taps everywhere but the kitchen

Hi @Skyebo7,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community, it is fantastic to have you with us.


I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your hot water, especially coming into these colder months. 


Unfortunately, due to the licenced nature of the plumbing profession, the assistance I can offer is limited. I will do my best, but if the professionals have struggled, I can only offer what assistance I can.

Allow me to ask a few questions that might help to clarify things so our members can offer some advice.


It sounds like the mains water is shared, but is the line from the hot water system also shared?


Is the shower further from the hot water system than the kitchen?


How big is the hot water system?


Did the plumbers you've had attend flush the hot water system to remove scale buildup?


Allow me to tag some of our helpful members to see if they have any thoughts, @PlumbMaster-Zee, @Dave-1, @Noyade, @DIYGnome.


Let me know if there's anything else I can assist with.




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Re: Losing pressure on hot taps everywhere but the kitchen

Afternoon @Skyebo7 

I am going down the same path as what @JacobZ is suggesting. It makes me think that there is a greater issue with the way the detached unit has been plumbed. Maybe the water lines need to be seperate all the way from your neighbours? 


When you mention "choosing the temperture of the hot water" does the water flow through a heat regulator? or maybe some old stye washers that expand on heating? That could slow the water pressure down? 


I know there are sound inhibitors for water pipe rattlings, Could you supply a rough path of how the water gets to you from the street? Distance?



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Re: Losing pressure on hot taps everywhere but the kitchen

Hi Skyebo7,


It sounds frustrating to deal with inconsistent hot water pressure, especially as the colder weather sets in. Here are some steps and considerations that might help identify and resolve the issue:


1. Check the Water Heater:
- Since the hot water service was serviced 2 months before you moved in, it’s worth checking if there are any issues with the water heater itself. Ensure that the thermostat is set correctly and the unit is functioning properly.

2. Sediment Build-up:
- Over time, sediment can build up in the water heater tank and in the hot water lines, which can reduce water pressure. Consider flushing the water heater tank to remove any sediment that might be affecting performance.

3. Inspect the Shower Head and Faucets:
- One plumber suggested that the shower head needed a clean. Mineral deposits can clog shower heads and faucet aerators, reducing water flow. Clean or replace these fixtures to see if it improves the pressure.

4. Check for Partially Closed Valves:
- Ensure that all the valves leading to the hot water taps are fully open. A partially closed valve could restrict the flow of hot water.

5. Investigate Pipe Blockages:
- There could be a blockage or narrowing in the hot water pipes. This would require a more in-depth inspection, possibly using a plumber's snake or other diagnostic tools to check for blockages.

6. Pressure Regulator:
- If your home has a water pressure regulator, it might be malfunctioning or set incorrectly. This device regulates the pressure of the water coming into your home and could affect hot water pressure if not functioning properly.

7. Clunking Noise:
- The clunking noise when turning the tap off might indicate water hammer, which is a pressure surge that occurs when a fluid in motion is forced to stop or change direction suddenly. Installing a water hammer arrestor could help mitigate this noise.

8. Consult with Neighbors:
- Since the problem seems to affect both your unit and possibly the neighboring unit, it could be an issue with the main supply line. Discussing this with neighbors and possibly coordinating with the landlord or property management might provide a collective solution.


Given the complexity of the issue and the multiple plumbers already involved, it might be helpful to bring in a plumbing specialist who can conduct a more thorough investigation. Documenting all steps taken so far and sharing this with any new plumber can also help avoid repeating the same checks.


I hope this helps and you get your hot water running smoothly soon!



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Re: Losing pressure on hot taps everywhere but the kitchen

Hello @Skyebo7 🖐

Sounds like a mixed bag of problems you're experiencing there, have you checked the shower head flow restrictor? 🤔

This wont solve everything but certainly won't hurt to check, I have found from time to time deteriorated shower tap seals have broken down and ended up flowing through the pipes to become lodged in the shower head, this severely impacts water flow and overall shower experience.   

Soaking the shower head in Vinegar or CLR Clear (or similar products) for a few hours will help to remove the calcium build up 👍

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