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How to repair porcelain sink?

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How to repair porcelain sink?


Hi guys! I’m new here and doing a few jobs on our rental before we move out next week.

Without actually being able to go into the store, seek advice and actually look at my options (I’m on Melbourne lockdown), I’m really struggling on what specifically to buy via online shopping.


we have a shallow but quite long crack in our bathroom sink, is someone able to advise exactly what I need to purchase so I can do click and collect?

ie what putty, sand paper, enamel paint? Or whatever I may need?


thank you so much!



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Re: How to repair porcelain sink?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Kristen79. It's terrific that you've joined us, and many thanks for your question on porcelain sink repairs.


I understand that you are renting and would like to repair any damages before leaving, but if this was an owner asking the same question, I would suggest purchasing a new sink instead. Any putty or paint used excessively is likely to be quite noticeable. We want to make sure that any fix isn't going to make things look worse.


I wouldn't advise painting the whole basin. However, I would be quite happy with you placing a small amount of Selleys 30g Porcelain Fix Premium Epoxy Adhesive onto a plastic scraper and wiping/pushing it into the crack. It will likely fill it up and make it less noticeable. Only use a small amount and try not to smear it over the basin's surface. You could complete a suitable repair by pushing it into the crack and wiping off any excess on the surface. Please note you don't want to apply the adhesive to the surface as although the crack will be disguised, you'll now have "painted" white lines of epoxy.


Let me mention @redracer01 to see if he has some suggestions.




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Re: How to repair porcelain sink?

Hello @Kristen79 


Welcome to Bunnings Workshop! @MitchellMc 's suggestions are all very sound and pretty much what I would have advised in your situation. But he is absolutely right when he says that instead of hiding the crack it will become even more noticeable. You could use a very fine brush to gently line the crack with the Selleys sealer how ever too much of it becomes obvious. Our goal is to blend and repair the damage.


If you choose to replace the basin it is a bit more involved. In order for you to get a correct fit you will have to bring the sink with you to the shop to compare cut outs and lip overhangs. It is a bit tricky and often not very straight forward as drop basin measurements change from time to time. Once you find a compatible basin you will need to be able to plumb it back in. If you find nothing compatible you may not have an option but to cut a bigger hole in the existing vanity top. This is on the assumption that it is a laminated timber top. You may need the services of a plumber or a registered handy man who has experience doing this. Please keep us informed of your progress and if you have any other questions please post it here on workshop.






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