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How to replace toilet but not floor tiles?

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How to replace toilet but not floor tiles?

I am planning to change my toilet suite without changing my tiles. The current installation cut a hole in the tiles and I am trying to find a toilet which can fit over the profile and not leave any mark of the previous installation. However, the search proves futile. The width of the base is 24cm including the cement bit. The front of the base to the back of the wall skirting is 55cm (57cm to the wall).

Some questions

1. Do you have a recommendation of something that can fit this profile? 

2. Is there any suggestion to minimise the ugliness of the previous installation if I get something that is slightly smaller?

3. For walls with skirtings, Can Wall Flush type be used? This means that the skirting has to be cut off. Is this advisable?


It seems quite a headache if you want to reinstall without doing a major overhaul, but yet want to retain some aesthetics. 


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Re: Replacement of Toilet but not changing tiles

Hi Andrewjd,


1. Recommendation for a toilet that fits the profile:

Finding a toilet that matches the exact dimensions can be challenging. One possible approach is to look for toilets with a wider base that can cover the existing tile cut-out. Brands like Caroma, American Standard, and Kohler offer a range of toilet suites with different base widths. Visiting a local store with the specific measurements can help find a suitable match. Alternatively, consult with a plumbing expert at Bunnings for specific product recommendations that fit these dimensions (24 cm width, 55 cm from the front to the back of the skirting).

Here are some models that might meet your needs:

- DeerValley DV-1F52807:

Dimensions: 23.5" x 15.75" x 26". Features: Siphonic action flush, WaterSense certified, fully-skirted trapway for easy cleaning. Availability: This model might be available through international shipping options on platforms like Amazon and other global retailers. Check local stores or online platforms for availability in Australia.

- GALBA Compact Toilet:

Dimensions: 24.5" x 13.12" x 28.37". Features: Dual flush system, self-cleaning glazed surface, SoftClose QuickRelease seat.

Availability: Available on Amazon and possibly through other international plumbing supply stores. You might need to check shipping options to Australia or contact local suppliers for similar models.

- Swiss Madison Sublime II:

Dimensions: 24" x 14" x 28". Features: Dual flush system, sleek skirted design, quiet close lid and seat.

Availability: Available on international platforms such as Amazon. You might need to check for shipping options to Australia or look for local distributors.


2. Minimizing ugliness of previous installation:

If the new toilet is slightly smaller, consider using a decorative base plate or escutcheon to cover any exposed areas. These are available in various materials and finishes and can help improve the aesthetics without major renovations.


Additionally, consider using a waterproof sealant or caulk to fill in gaps and create a clean finish around the new toilet base.


3. Using wall flush types with skirtings:

Wall flush toilets generally require a smooth surface and might not be suitable for walls with skirtings without modification. Cutting the skirting board might be necessary, but it can be tricky and might affect the overall look. It’s advisable to consult a professional plumber or carpenter to assess the feasibility and impact of such modifications.

To avoid a major overhaul while maintaining aesthetics, it’s crucial to find a balance between functional fit and visual appeal.


Consulting with professionals and getting precise measurements can significantly help in achieving a satisfactory outcome.


For further assistance, visiting the Bunnings store or contacting their customer support with the specific details might provide additional solutions and product recommendations tailored to your needs.




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to replace toilet but not floor tiles?

Hi @andrewjd,


I recommend you take a look at the Stylus range of close-coupled toilet suites. The majority of their bases are 248mm wide and extend 665mm from the wall, so this should suit your needs. The waste outlet centre is at 140mm from the wall, but there are offset connectors available.


@PlumbMaster-Zee has provided some excellent advice on your other questions.


You might like to take advantage of our Toilet Installation offer. Simply select a front-of-wall toilet and arrange the installation in-store or online. The service includes installing all fixtures and removing the old toilet, and it is performed by a licensed tradesperson and comes with a one-year warranty.


Please let me know if you have any questions.





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Re: Replacement of Toilet but not changing tiles

Thanks for the reply. I have another question. Just by looking at the photos, are we able to know if this toilet was fitted without hacking up the floor. I mean can I just remove the toilet pan. Clean up and then reinstall the new toilet without worrying about the tile?



Re: How to replace toilet but not floor tiles?

It doesn't give the dimensions of the base. And should I be worried about the very poor reviews?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to replace toilet but not floor tiles?

Hello @andrewjd 


Thanks for sharing those extra photos of your toilet suite. Looking closely at the photos, it appears that the tiles go under the toilet pan and not over it. Therefore, if the pan is removed carefully damage to your existing tiles should be minimal.  


I suggest measuring the width and length of your existing pan footprint. Another thing you can do is to do a cardboard cutout of the footprint and bring it with you to the store to compare it to the toilets on display. There are a number of toilet suites with large footprints and better reviews, I suggest looking carefully and see which one calls out to you.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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