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Is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on?

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Is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on?

Hello everyone,


We're looking into ways to make our laundry more functional and with a top loaded washing machine we need somewhere to put our dryer that isn't stacked on top. We have the option of wall mounting but don't quite have the space to allow the door to open on any wall except the one pictured. Unfortunately there isn't quite enough room to get the wall mounts in as we've only got 52cm from wall to window, and 56cm from door to wall (excluding the trims). We thought instead we could install a shelf that is supported by large angle brackets which the dryer could fit on. I'm unsure about the strength, especially as the dryer will move around about when in use and don't want the whole thing coming down, but thought if I have multiple brackets they could provide enough support, and I can line them up with the studs. The shelf will be an old wooden bench top that's been cut to size, which the dryer used to sit on in a freestanding shelf so would be fine with the weight.


Any suggestions on how to mount it or if I should scrap that plan and just buy a front loaded for the dryer to sit on?


Pics including for the idea but not to size, the dryer will cover about 8cm of the window but that's fine as it isn't the side that opens and we'll still have room to use the door. The basin rarely gets used so will set the height based on where the dryer door is functional.





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Re: is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on

Hello @shaneaoz 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's marvellous to have you join us, and thanks for sharing your question about mounting your dryer.


Would it be possible for you to post a photo of the other side of the wall near the window? I only ask as it might be possible to mount the dryer on the other side rather than near your door. Having so many angle brackets at the bottom of the shelf will work, but it will make it look so ungainly.


Technically, the wall bracket prevents the dryer from moving so having it on a shelf might not work.


Let me call on our experienced members @Dave-1 and @Nailbag for their recommendations.


 If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on

Evening @shaneaoz 

From memory from lifting down a wall mounted drier it had a flat rail at the top that is screw to the timber studs and I think it had something for the bottom edge? Your mounting instructions should tell you.


If you install two lengths of 90 by 45 timber horizontaly on the wall next to the window with the lengths extending past the window sill, how far past will the drier sit? and Would it look ok? I am supposing that the timber will screw into at least two timber studs top and bottom by the way. This way it wont want to "walk" of the bench top you are suggesting as that first step is a doozy! You would mount the drier rail and fixing points to the timber.



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Re: is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on

Hi @shaneaoz providing you have the depth and don't mind the dryer overhanging the window you could install a wall plate fixed to the studs, then fix a dryer mount suitable to your brand/model to that plate. being a small laundry, be aware that while its running, there will be a lot of moisture and clothes lint that will fill the room in particular the wall opposite. So, ideally the dryer should be fluid if its possible to your machine to the outside.


Below is how you could achieve this for around $60. I think this will be a far more stable less bulky solution that a shelf and easier to build. Plus with a shelf you would need to secure the dryer to it to prevent any chance of it moving off.


Alternatively, if you looking at replacing the washing machine with a front load, I would consider a front loading washer/dryer all-in one machine. This will free up some bench space on the top.


Regards, Nailbag.


STEPS to hang the dryer:

1 x 19mm x 89 Pine board


First one fits snuggly between the wall and the window architrave. Fix this with 2 x 10GA x 50mm wood screws through the plasterboard and into the stud frame. 


The 2nd length cut to 600mm and fix this through the first piece, plasterboard and into the studs using 4 x 14GA x 90mm wood screws, top and bottom. Again, Its very important the screws grow into the studs.


NOTE: Pre-drill holes before driving the screws.


Fix a dryer mounting bracket to the top piece and hang the dryer.




Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 10.25.12 PM.png

Re: is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on

Hey @EricL ,


Thanks for the response, it is great to be here! I've been a long time fan of this community but after renting for many years it wasn't possible to do a lot of the DIY work I wanted. Now that's changed I'm sure I'll be back with plenty of questions.


Here is a picture of the other side, which is where the previous owners had their dryer mounted. You can see the existing brackets which thankfully are the exact same needed for our model dryer. However there is a large pantry style cupboard which prevents our dryer from opening more than what is shown in the other image. Another option could be to put it along the same wall as the cupboard, but we thought it would be better closer to the door as there is no exhaust fan.


We weren't too concerned with looks for now as longer term we'd like to get some professionals in to install a toilet (space pending) so thought having the dryer tucked out of the way was a better option. However, there has been some great suggestions from Dave and Nailbag so I think I'll keep exploring options.





Re: is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on

Hey @Dave-1 ,


Great idea! I think it's the same that Nailbag has expanded on. I hadn't even thought of that!

The wall mounts are just individual clip type pieces, you can see them in the pic I posted to a previous reply. There is no bottom mounting or clip, so I guess the bottom of the dryer just rests against the wall? I suppose I could put a thin strip of wood for it to rest on it needed but I'll check the mounting instructions.


It will only cover about 8cm of the window, and that's given a few cm gap from dryer to wall on the other side, so definitely enough to still make it functional, maybe not looking the best but it'll work for now.


Was definitely worried about it walking off the shelf, so wall mount if possible will be a much better plan!


Thanks !

Re: is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on

Hey @Nailbag ,


Thanks so much for this! It's a brilliant idea and I love how you've explained it, makes complete sense!


We don't mind the dryer blocking the window and should have the depth to still be able to open the door (I'll remeasure this 20 more times just to be sure!). Our previous place had a little cupboard style laundry so we know all too well about how much lint gets stuck to the wall. Our dryer has a front exhaust with a clip on cover that angles the air out to one side so we think it will work well to send it straight out the door. You can see it at the top right of the dryer, although it will be bottom left when we wall mount it.


We do have the other option of putting it on the wall opposite the door (pics in a previous reply), but we thought it would be better in this location as then it isn't shooting air and lint across the whole laundry, plus it leaves room for a potential toilet at the other end (need to get the pros out to check that).


We did consider a washer/dryer all in one, but have heard they aren't as effective so decided keeping what we've got is easier for now. If you've got any feedback on them we'd love to hear it :smile:


Thanks again! I think with some reconfirming of measurements I'll go with your option. I assume it will still work with the brackets we have (pic in previous post) as I can mount them anywhere along the 600mm piece.






Re: is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on

Hi @shaneaoz 


Glad to be of help here. Wherever you decide to install the traditional drier, I highly recommend you install a flue kit


These days combo washer driers are very good, especially the top end brands like Miele, which I know two households with them. European models are made for homes with very little space, so specialise in combo units.


Regards, Nailbag

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on

Hello @shaneaoz 


Thanks for posting that extra picture of your laundry. Is there any chance the pantry can be moved or changed to a lower cabinet? This will allow you to open the dryer door all the way. My next idea is the same as yours and that is to install it on the opposite wall.


If you are worried about the exhaust, I propose attaching a Pacific Air DIY Dryer Venting Kit and pointing it towards the window. This will prevent condensation in the room and since it is only temporary you can pretty much attach it to any spot.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: is it safe to mount a shelf for a dryer to sit on

Thanks Nailbag! 


I appreciate the info on the combo washer driers. Was hoping to keep it cheap and make the space work with what we have but after remeasuring, I think with the extra couple of cm's of wood supports, the door won't be able to open without hitting the dryer. 


Back to the drawing board!

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