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Kinetic Chrome Handspray Diverter leak


Kinetic Chrome Handspray Diverter leak

We just bought a Kinetic Chrome Handspray Diverter but when we tried to install it, it seems like it didn't fit well our toilets but it also looks like the diverter itself leaked when we turn on the water. We even tried to buy and adaptor thinking it could fix the issue but it didn't solve anything. Would someone had the same issue or would be able to assist us?



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Kinetic Chrome Handspray Diverter Leak

Welcome to the Workshop community @Robanne. I'd be happy to assist with your question.


The diverter is designed to fit a 1/2 inch BSB wall outlet fitting which is a standard size, so there shouldn't be too many issues there. Did you use thread tape wrapped around the metal threads to stop water leaking out and seal them?


If you could take a picture of the fitting installed I might be able to provide further assistance. There is the possibility that the valve is faulty, in that case returning it to the store is the best option where the team will happily replace it for you.




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Re: Kinetic Chrome Handspray Diverter leak

Hello @Robanne 


Would it be possible to take a photo and post. It will give us a better idea and possibly provide a better solution to the issue. Thanks.



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