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How do you fix VJ cladding to the wall?

VJbyProjectPete.jpegYou can glue the VJ paneling straight onto the plasterboard. The VJ paneling was actually featured on: Master bedroom makeover. It clearly shows the panels being glued onto the plasterboard wall and mechanically fixed with a finishing nail to hold it in place until the glue dries.


Here is one of our Featured Projects: Recessed TV feature wall with easy VJ panels. -  EricL


Fix it with a combo of liquid nails and Brad or Pin nails. The nails are really just used to hold in place while the liquid nails cures.


Don't underdo the liquid nails. Expect to use 1x 300g/ml liquid nails per sheet. Then you know it's not going anywhere.


Painting the whole lot first is also handy, just not actually always easier painting them laying down depending on your setup and how much room you have to layout 6 sheets.  - ProjectPete


I’d be fairly confident of good adhesion to the new dry lined Gyprock, but painted plaster is always a bit of an iffy affair.  - chippydave

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