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Compact mobile workbench on castors

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


This compact timber workbench on castors was built thanks to inspiration from other Bunnings Workshop community members. 



The project


I’ve always loved woodworking and creating stuff but have never had the dedicated space to do it. So, I decided I was going to tidy up the garage and make myself a workbench.


I only have a single-car garage, so my workbench needed to be under 1m wide and around 50-60cm deep to ensure I could still get my car inside (and store all the other junk).


After doing a bit of research and taking inspiration from others on the Workshop forum, I came up with a rough design and measurements and headed to Bunnings to buy timber and get it cut to size. It's well worth the money if you’ve only got a small car and limited tools like me.


I also decided to get castor wheels to allow me to move it out, either into the garage when the car is out, or the driveway for more space, which I’d highly recommend.




For screws, I went with some 50mm stainless steel decking screws that I had left over from a deck build a few years ago.






I ended up going with a clear polyurethane for sealing, which I did two coats all over. The shelf and benchtop could do with a third, I think, just for extra protection.




Overall, I’m happy with the result. It’s nothing fancy and definitely isn’t 100% perfect but given the last time I did any kind of woodworking was in high school, and I don’t have a lot of tools, I think it’s a pretty good result.


Kind of a Big Deal

Oh I LOVE this !!!!! @Usedbloom 😃

Home Improvement Guru

Afternoon @Usedbloom 

I think you might be selling yoruself short! Its brilliant and love the way you have put it together, no way is it going to wobble and it is solid!

The castor wheels is something my future workbench/trolley will have and like you the workshop community has lead the way with added ideas to make it better! 


Now I just need a workshop to be able to have a trolley :smile: 




Building a Reputation

Love these ideas, will help me finally decide how I am going to build my workbench.

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