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Garden shed on timber base

Cultivating a Following
Cultivating a Following

A garden shed can free up space in your garage or shed for your next project and is a great way to keep all your garden tools and supplies in one place.





The project


Made space in my shed for tackling projects and doing things in by creating a new shed to house my gardening tools, lawn mower, cement mixer, all my packets of seeds, glyphosate and fertilisers.


The framing was built on concrete and then carried to the garden.




The framing then got concreted in with quick set mix. I propped it up to get it nice and level.




The joins in the decking were randomised for strength.








The shed was finally assembled in place. This photo was taken as soon as the shed was assembled, and there was a bit of a wind blowing so I secured it with rope. There are now eight L brackets bolting the shed sides onto the wood base, and the posts are concreted into the ground.




Popular shed projects


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Having an Impact


Why not use something like yellow tongue flooring? Then there'd be no gaps to drop things down, and for spiders and snakes to come in.

Becoming a Leader

@Malcolm  @pstq 


Hello Malcolm


I'm not sure how old your post is, but I am wondering what size timber you have used for your flooring and floor frame please?


I am just about to take on a garden shed build myself and wondering what you have use for the floor frame and floor it's self? 


Also have you left small gaps in the flooring? If so WHY?  or is it just the way I am looking at it?  Oh and also shed size please?


I have planned to be building a 3mt x 3mt shed, but all of the frame out of timber.  Then second hand corrugated iron for back, sides and roof.  With a timber door and window. Door I plan on making out of old palings as well as the front as I have saved lots from my pops fence back in Melbourne 20 years ago... I have been keen to use them for a project after carting them with me on 3 moves now.  I also want it to have a rustic look.


Thank you for your time.

Old Gal.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Old-gal24,


Hopefully, @Malcolm will get back to you with a definitive answer, but my guess about the gaps in the flooring is that there wasn't enough room for another full board, and they didn't want to rip down a board to allow for smaller gaps, so they've chosen to space them slightly further apart to make up the difference.


Let me know if you have any other questions.




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