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Hamptons-inspired dog ramp

Building a Reputation
Building a Reputation


A dog ramp made of Pine and covered in foam wall panel sheets for a pet suffering from hip dysplasia.



The project


My gorgeous Golden Retriever Charlie was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia. This condition makes simple movements incredibly difficult. It is for this reason that I decided to build a ramp to allow her easy access to some cuddles on the bed. I worked hard to match the bed frame and décor in the room with bright whites and panelling to finish. 




Step 1


Build the frame using 35 x 70mm untreated Pine. If adding shelving or draws, ensure this is calculated in the frame build. Secure the frame with 75mm 10G timber screws.




Step 2

Carefully cut Pine cladding to size and secure using 30mm 8G timber screws. Be sure to countersink screws using a larger drill bit.




Step 3


Using 3mm coated MDF board, measure and cut shelving lining. Secure in place using indoor wood glue and 20mm 8G screws.




Step 4


Measure and cut the 9mm MDF top. Secure using countersunk 50mm 10G timber screws. Patch all screw holes and imperfections.




Step 5


Use white gap filler to seal the edges of the shelves. Sand the ramp back until the surface is completely smooth. Apply a coat of prime, followed by one coat of white wall paint.




Step 6


Add your chosen material to the ramp top.



Step 7


Upon installing the ramp, and observing Charlie using it, I realised the carpet was far too slippery. I then replaced it with these great foam-based self-adhesive panels. My Goldie has definitely appreciated the ramp install. I used self-adhesive foam wall panel sheets from Kmart for the top as they offered heaps of grip.




Tools and materials


Tools used in the project:



Home Improvement Guru

Afternoon @Alicia_Woodwork 

Thats really nice work and a brilliant idea. I love how you modified it from just the carpeted surface when you saw your doggo struggle. 


The other part that I really like and is different from some ramps I have seen is that you have incorporated storage for shoes! :smile: You know how many times I trip over my own shoes at the end of the bed! Brilliant!



Building a Reputation

Hi Dave, 


Thank you so much for your kind feedback! We are so incredibly happy with the functionality of the ramp, both for the dog and for the shoe storage!  

Cheers, Alicia 😊

Just Starting Out

Amazing work and thank you so much for showing it.  I have 3 sausage dogs and need to make 2 ramps but found the more available types to be very average looking plus there were no instructions.  This is gorgeous and will suit my decor so I can’t wait to get started.  Thank you

Building a Reputation

Hi @Jogilbert100,


I’m so glad this has been able to inspire someone else - we are so incredibly happy with the ramp and it has become a necessity for our pup. Please update us on how you go with yours and I would love to see some photos! 

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