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Low-level deck using composite boards

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


A low-level deck constructed using Ekodeck boards. 




The project


I planned to build a low-level decking on top of my concrete floor with a span around 1.8m across the grassy part to the right of the photo (below). I planned to use 70 x 35mm for the joist as it has enough height to be just level with the floor of the house after decking is installed.




The concrete slab is 145mm lower than the house floor. The soil is around 80mm lower than the top of the concrete slab. The total area is 7.34 x 5.20m. The area in concrete is 7.34 x 3.2m and the area in soil is 7.34 x 2m. 




The length is 7.2m and used around 19 joists across.


My diagram.




My father and I completed the deck in about three weekends.






I used Ekodeck Plus Designer Backbeach for the decking boards and Ekodeck Plus Designer Backbeach Edge for the edge boards, fixed with Concealed Fix 3mm Quickfix for timber joists.


I used  Structural Treated Pine H3 140 x 45mm as bearers for the part above the soil. Joists are Structural Treated Pine H3 90 x 45mm.


When put over the concrete areas, joists were supported above the concrete level with Bracket Angle HD Dunnings 90 x 50 x 75x 6mm M12.


For the posts in the soil section, I used Post Anchor HD Galvanised Pryda buried in concrete and Cypress Post Sawn F7 100 x 100mm as posts. I also painted all timber outside the roof boundary with Bondall 4L Inground Timber Protector.










Just Starting Out

This is so good, i want to extend my existing deck, and replace my timber deck with a composite deck,

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @darvik. It's fabulous to have you join us and many thanks for letting us know about your decking project.


When you're ready with a plan and general idea of what you'd like to achieve, I recommend you go ahead and start a discussion on your project. You can let our helpful members know any questions you might have, and we can assist with the construction process. Check out this handy step-by-step guide: How to build a deck. Also, have a look through our Top 10 most popular deck projects for more inspiration.

I look forward to hearing more about your project and providing assistance along the way.


Kind of a Big Deal

Goodafternoon @archerwinmakes 

That is a very nice job! Love how you managed the bench seat :smile: Brilliant!


I also like how you managed the join of the decking, it looks so professional.


Envious would be a word I would use to descrivbe the work :smile:



Having an Impact

Thanks Dave-1

Kind of a Big Deal

Just amazing @archerwinmakes  absolutely amazing. 😃 what is your next project going to be ? 

Having an Impact


I'm planning to put some festoon lights across.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Great project @archerwinmakes, looking forward to seeing the festoon lighting. Please share some photos when it's done.




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