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Luxury D.I.Y. bathroom renovation with bathtub

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Becoming a Leader

This stunning bathroom makeover features brass shower hardware, frameless shower screens and stylish tiling. 



AFTER 1.png


The project


Our main bathroom was small and dated and had all the original features from when the house was built. We set out to design a bathroom from scratch as part of our full house renovation.


From working out how to fit a bathtub, shower and vanity into a small space to selecting all the products and finishes to create a light, bright and clean look, we completed almost every aspect of the bathroom renovation ourselves over a couple months. The only trade we employed was a plumber, who roughed in the new plumbing. What was once a dated, pink bathroom is now a light and bright space.


before orig.jpg




We started by demolishing the whole bathroom: removing the tiles and linoleum flooring, removing the plasterboard walls, dismantling the old vanity and sink, removing the glass shower screen divider and removing the old corner spa bath.


demo old spa bath.JPG


Once the corner spa bath was removed we had to cut the slab for new plumbing wastes for both the new bathtub and the floor waste for the bathroom. 


cutting slab for plumbing waste.jpg


Plumbing slab work.


demo blank canvas.JPG


We gutted the bathroom, opening up the walls for new plumbing to be run, and cut the slab to create a new waste location for the shower (where the old vanity had been).


shower waste.png


Cutting the slab for new shower waste plumbing.


cutting slab for floor wastes.png


Cutting our the slab further for the bathroom floor waste.




Once all the floor plumbing was done, we installed a tile-over shower tray, as well as an aluminium angle in the doorway. We then screeded the whole bathroom floor, ensuring that the screed bed fell towards the floor waste.


The materials we used included:







screed and shower base finished.JPG


Screed completed and new shower tile tray installed.


mock up bathtub test fit.jpg


Test fitting the bathtub in the tight space.


We installed additional studs in the wall for the shower-screen mounting locations and studs for the Mondella 365 x 320 x 90mm Shower Niche. We then called a plumber in to run new lines within the wall cavity and on the floor for the new bathroom layout.




Additional studs.


plumbing 2.jpg


New plumbing layout, including floor connection for bathtub spout.


We then lined the walls with James Hardie Villaboard from Bunnings. 


villaboard sheeting and niche.jpg


We test fitted the vanity for the height of the sink as well as width clearance between the bathtub spout and shower screen.


mocking up vanity placement.JPG


We used Gyprock Ultra-Top Topping Compound and mesh tape on the joints. Then we filled the screw holes and tape joints. We followed a Bunnings video tutorial and continued it all the way around the room on all the Villaboard-lined walls.


filling villaboard screw holes and joints.jpg


We used Gripset Betta Easy Seal Bond Breaker on the wall joints and shower base joints and around the plumbing outlets.


We applied a primer to the whole room and applied Gripset Betta Under Tile Waterproofing Membrane.


waterproofing junctions.jpg


Applying Bond Breaker to the wall junctions.


waterproofing outlets.JPG


Waterproofing around plumbing.


waterproofing 2.JPG


Waterproofing in progress.






Tiling was a tricky process but we learned a lot from our previous ensuite bathroom renovation. It also helped that we used the same tiles for both bathrooms. This time around we knew how to perfectly cut each tile without breaking and wasting too many. The White Gloss wall tiles were easy to cut with a DTA 1000mm tile cutter from Bunnings. The large-format floor tiles, though, proved difficult and did not cut perfectly. For those we used a diamond blade and angle grinder to make each individual cut.


Once the tiling was done, we grouted all the tiled walls.


Tiling details:



floor tiling.JPG


Floor tiles and tile-levelling clip system from Bunnings.


tiling 2.JPG


Gyprock Aquachek lined on to the left wall.


tiling kitkat mosaic wall.jpg


The long process of tiling the back wall with Kit-Kat-style mosaic tiles.


tiling kitkat wall.jpg


We used gold L-shape angle tile trim to box in the niche. It was much easier to install a trim piece than to cut a mitred edge on the tiles.




Tiled right-hand side shower and wall with tiled niche.


Finishing touches


We lined the un-tiled wall to the left with Gyprock Aquachek and made it a wainscot feature wall to add some character to the room instead of having all four walls with floor-to-ceiling tile. We didn't want the bathroom to feel boxed in and it also allowed us to add a traditional element to an otherwise modern bathroom.


We installed new cornices around the bathroom, new window architraves, door architraves and bathroom door (all the same moulding that was used for the rest of the house). 


Materials (all from Bunnings):



wainscot wall panelling.JPG




We were now on the home stretch! We installed all the tapware, frameless shower screens, bathtub, vanity, mirror and other bathroom accessories over a weekend and had everything siliconed and ready to use the following week. We opted for all brass fittings and finishes so that all the metal finishes looked cohesive in the space.


Bathroom details:


  • Frameless shower screen: Frameless Direct
  • Brass shower hardware: Frameless Direct
  • Vanity and vanity top: IKEA
  • Round sink: Bunnings
  • Sink mixer tap: Reece
  • Mirror: IKEA
  • Freestanding bath: Reece
  • Floor-mounted bath spout: Reece
  • Macrame plant hanger: Denn Lane
  • Sheer roller blind: DIY Blinds
  • Wainscot panelling: Bunnings
  • Wainscot panelling paint: Dulux from Bunnings
  • Ceiling paint: Dulux from Bunnings
  • Window and door architrave moulding: Bunnings
  • Exhaust fan: Arlec from Bunnings
  • Towel Rail: InStyle Bathware
  • Floor waste grates: Reece
  • Shower seal strip: Bunnings
  • Shower floor channel: Bunnings.


shower screen installation.JPG


Frameless shower screen and shower floor grate installed.


bath installation.JPG


Bathtub and custom sheer roller blind installed.


wainscot wall hanging plant.png


Macrame plant hanger and towel rail installed.


wall sconces.png


Mirror installed with wall sconces on either side.


Before and after


before 1.JPG


AFTER 1.png



before 3.jpg

 AFTER 3.png


before 2.jpg


AFTER 5.png


AFTER 2.png




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Amassing an Audience

Wow that is impressive 😁 y'all should be extremely proud of yourselves!!!

Making a Splash

What an incredible outcome!  So much hard work but the stunning results speak for themselves. Also, you would have saved yourselves so many thousands of dollars whilst achieving a well-deserved sense of pride for the quality of work. Sensational renovating.

Just Starting Out

So beautiful and fresh. Great inspiration for our own reno on our small bathroom.  Can you please let me know the size of your bathroom.  Mant thanks VIcki

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Vicki64M. It's sensational to have you join us, and great to see you've received inspiration from this stunning project.


Let me mention @homeinmelbourne, so they are alerted to your question on the size of the bathroom.


This is one of my all-time favourite bathroom transformations, and I don't think you could go wrong with borrowing some ideas from it.


Please keep us updated on your project and consider starting a discussion about it to ask any questions or document the process. We all love a good bathroom transformation.




Becoming a Leader

Hi @Vicki64M @MitchellMc ,

Thank you for your kind words. The bathroom is quite small - only 2 x 3 metres. 🙂

Finding My Feet

Beautiful. I love it.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hello @mga,


I totally agree. This is a fantastic renovation indeed. Let me tag @homeinmelbourne so they're alerted to your kind comments. 


Are you looking to do something similar in your home? Let us know if you need any help. We'd be happy to assist.




Becoming a Leader

Thank you @mga and @Akanksha for your kind comments. 😊

Finding My Feet


Love love, thank you for such detail and photos, I always wondered how to cut the concrete floor and how to hide the shower base. The wainscoting is super cute feature. 3 different tiles works beautifully too. Any idea how much you spent? 

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