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Poolside timber cabana with concrete bench

Kind of a Big Deal
Kind of a Big Deal

This poolside cabana project turned an unused corner in the backyard into a beautiful and relaxing space with a polished concrete bench seat, feature wall and crazy pavers.





The project


My wife set me the challenge of building a cabana by our pool area to turn a wasted area into a relaxing space.


Double rebate join on all posts. Gives a professional finish up top and allows the fixings to be more easily hidden.




I concreted in and secured two posts on the rear boundary to a limestone retaining wall using DynaBolts, while the other two posts were concreted 600mm into the ground.






Marking out the concrete footing for Breeze Blocks feature wall.




While confirming that all levels were bang on, I also checked how much we want the pointed ends to overhang.




I clamped the roof to the post to give the finishing height of the Breeze Blocks. I was then able to work back from there to set the footing and make sure we used full blocks right through. There's a 10mm rod through each row of mortar that is set into the timber post for plenty of strength. These Breeze Blocks are made with 20mm channels on two perpendicular sides to make the rod easier to embed.




With the Breeze Blocks in, I finished the rest of the timber frame and fixed with bugle batten screws. I notched out parts of the frame to flush-fit the cross members. They support the bamboo roof and also add a nice feature. This was made easier with a multi-tool to make the initial cut (after a few taps with the chisel to give the multi-tool a crevice to start in and follow) and then fine finished with the chisel.


Painting the bamboo roofing was the most tedious and time-consuming part of this whole build. I painted it white with a clear coat for added protection.


20201012_123346.jpg 20201012_123440.jpg 20201012_123714.jpg


Next, I dug the footing, installed a bit of reo, and poured concrete ready to start building a curved concrete bench seat.


20201112_100427.jpg 20201112_125130.jpg


I was going to build the concrete bench seat myself as I have the skills to do so, but after seeing a design by a local professional I decided to enlist his help. Given he did such an awesome job on the bench seat, I got him to quote the crazy pavers too. Again, I could've done the crazy pavers myself but his price was so good that weighing it up against the time and effort it would take me to do it, it just wasn't worth it.


20201116_145851.jpg 20201116_145907.jpg


With all that work done, it came down to the finishing touches such as sealing the bench seat and crazy pavers, cutting the artificial grass to fit around the natural edges of the pavers and popping some greenery in there.


That bench seat! Curves in all the right places, tapered back rest and polished concrete-effect finish.


Super stoked with how it all turned out and got it done just in time to enjoy all the festivities that've followed throughout this beautiful Perth summer.



It was a fun project and has certainly enhanced our entertaining space without encroaching on kids play areas. Not that we're planning to sell anytime soon, but I feel like these sorts of features are the ones that wow buyers and stick in their minds. So we'll enjoy it while we're here and know someone else will get to enjoy it in the future.


Before and after






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Home Improvement Guru


What a difference! I must admit the dimond old school concrete blocks caught my eye at first. Then the project as it came up so nicely!

Did you buy the diamond blocks? The reason I ask is that my grandfather apparently had a mould that made these shaped blocks.

I have never found these moulds even tho I have looked. (Maybe A staff member would have an idea? Orr even sugest a kit? :smile:

They have a very retro look to them but withj your bench seat it mixes in so well.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Dave-1,


I am not aware of any moulds to create these blocks yourself or anyone that supplies them. I have passed your feedback on to Adbri Masonry to see if they can make this style breeze block available for order. They do have diamond-shaped breeze blocks available, not quite the same, though.




Home Improvement Guru

Thank you @MitchellMc 

:surprised: They do look good, and thank you for letting me know.



Cultivating a Following

@ProjectPete great guide and providing a LOT of inspiration.


Question - where did you get your breeze blocks from? Struggling to find ones with the 20mm channel as you mentioned.

Thanks again

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @bodega 


I hope the 20mm channel and breeze block questions were completely answered in your proposed breeze block installation post. 


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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