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Sunken fire pit and barbecue

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This clever backyard fire pit and barbecue uses an old water mains cutoff to create an outdoor entertaining area you can mow right over.



Sunken firepit.jpeg


The project


When I bought my first (and probably only) house a few years ago it needed a good yard clean-up, among a lot of other stuff.




I discovered some old water mains cutoffs underneath the jungle behind the back sheds. I always wanted a fire pit and wood barbecue, so I worked out something just with what I had laying around.


I laid the pipe on the ground sitting upright and started using the shovel around the outside of the pipe to make sure I got a nice circle.










I was a little worried about airflow for the fire (it's 60cm plus below ground) and was prepared to install a metal "breather" pipe from the bottom of the firepit to ground level if it was needed for airflow to the bottom but it wasn't necessary. 








I also made a dodgy wooden cover so nobody falls in and I can just mow over the top. 




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Loving the fire pits 

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Good afternoon @Prawns!


Looks fantastic - it really does.


"old water mains cutoff"


But that pipe. What is it - 500 mm diameter - 15 mm thick? Not something the average householder has laying around in the backyard. Do you know how much a section would be worth if someone wanted to replicate what you've made?

Or I wonder if the local council could be approached? Maybe they would have seconds?


Anyway, great idea. 👍


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