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Updated toilet and floating shelves

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Super Contributor

Floating shelves hide holes in the wall and provide space for storage and greenery in this toilet makeover.



Toilet renovation.png


The project


The water tank was attached to the wall so the installation of the new loo left ugly holes on show. I attached a couple of floating shelves to hide the holes and decorate the space.


Before and after






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Hi, I would love to know how to do floating shelves. I won’t be doing it but supervising . It is for my microwave that either takes up bench space or I can just reach but am always scared I will scaled myself.The advise would need to be very step by step as we have no idea.Any help would be appreciated b

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @brendawebster44,


It appears @Trying has used pre-made Floating Shelves for this project. They come with a concealed bracket that is attached to the wall and the shelf is simply slipped over them. They are fantastic for light display items but aren't really suitable for holding a microwave as it's too heavy. You could potentially use them, but you'd need to attach at least a couple more angle brackets to support the front of the shelf on the wall perpendicular to where the concealed bracket is fixed.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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